How Can Your Digital Self Live After You Die?

Your digital identity can continue to live after you die. So what happens to your digital self after you die? On our news …

With the age of technology, we are witnessing a new technological development and work day by day. Now our lives are intertwined with technology. We handle almost all of our work through technology; we partially live our lives in this virtual world. The technology and digital world are now preparing to serve for after death. Thus, your digital identity can continue to live after you die. So what happens to your digital self and digital identity after you die? On our news …

What happens to your digital self and your digital identity after you die?

Now we all live digitally, especially on social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. We spend hours on social media platforms, often share photos and videos, and exchange ideas with others. In short, besides the reality, we continue our existence in social media, namely the virtual world. All the details about us in digital, such as photography, video, text, are our digital footprint. And our digital footprints continue to exist as long as we don’t delete them.

This new industry, which works on digital self and death, allows you to live in digital after you die. Continuing to live digitally after death and to exist virtually has been covered in many science fiction movies and TV series. It may seem a bit scary at first to continue living in the digital world and thus return to life after death. However, we can accept that we have witnessed the birth of a brand new industry.

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Who plans how, after you die?

One of the companies working in this field is the Eternime company. The company in question has a system that works with artificial intelligence technology. Eternime company; It collects your memories, thoughts, photos, in short, your entire digital footprint, unites and creates your smart avatar. This artificial intelligence technology that creates your digital version may be the beginning of the “immortality period in digital”. To use this system, you can leave a few messages on your social media accounts to be shared by your digital version after you die. Although this service, which is very interesting, is a new service, it already has 46,607 members. And the number of members is expected to increase in the future.

Companies that provide services related to death and post-death are not limited to Eternime. One of the companies working in this field is Farewill. The company in question does not create a digital self. It serves to write a will. It allows you to write a will in just 15 minutes.

Another company with this new industry-related service is Cake. The company in question enables people to plan their bodies before they die. Through the Cake company, you can make special choices about your funeral and save them for later sharing with family and friends.

The number of companies providing services related to this new digital self industry is increasing day by day. In the coming periods, it is expected that the studies in this area will gain speed and be available to many people.

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