How To Hide Computer Screen From Others (Weird Method)

The strange methods developed for this. You will be surprised when read the article.

The computer screen, which is mostly used in crowded places, should be hidden for security. So how to hide computer screen from others?  One of the biggest and unresolved problems of today’s digital area is privacy. Of course, you have the right to demand everything from data privacy to your tweet to be kept confidential. Nobody needs to know or learn what you are doing on the computer at that moment or what you have done before. The most important part of digital privacy and security is of course not sharing personal data. However, as important as this situation, you should be careful that the screens of the devices you use are not observed by foreign eyes. It is very important to protect the computer screen, which we use frequently, especially in open areas. The details of the contradictory and strange methods developed for this. You will be surprised when read the article.

How To Hide Computer Screen From Others?

Nobody needs to know what you’re doing while you’re on social media or preparing a document. Most of us are also quite bored and overwhelmed by these curious looks. Even if the work we do in the computer environment is not something that requires us to protect our privacy, these looks do not make you feel very good. A user who is on the web site of “Instructables”, that is, do-it-yourself projects, who thinks exactly this way and wants to save us all from these unnecessary glances, found a very different method that allows only you to see your computer screen.

To explain this method in the simplest way, first of all, you separate the polarized film, one of the layers on your monitor, from the screen with a sharp tool. Then you cut these polarized films to fit the lenses of any glasses in the house. You attach these polarized films, which are made to the size of eyeglass lenses, to glasses in some way. At this stage, the most important thing when cutting and placing the polarized film is the angle. If it’s not done as it should; glasses and the monitor can turn into two garbage that have completely lost their functionality. For this reason, it makes more sense to do this job with the help of someone who knows. Otherwise, you can cause massive and irreversible damage to your computer. Apart from that, if you do not have knowledge of angle, it may be troublesome to try it at home.

With this method, you have a monitor that looks white when using it, since you have stripped the screen of your computer. Therefore, it becomes impossible to see anything on the screen with the naked eye without the glasses with polarized film that you created from computer film. In addition, it can be quite harmful to look at the computer screen with the naked eye, whose filter you have removed without using these polarized glasses. It is obvious that it is a slightly dangerous and very damaging method. For this reason, in our opinion, trying may not be the right choice. However, it is a known fact that it is a frequently shared solution in the internet world.

How successful do you think this method is? Would you try this method at the expense of damaging your computer screen?

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