How to Make a New Candle Using Wax from Leftover or Broken Candles

Candles can easily get broken or their wicks can easily burn out rendering the candle useless. Did you know that you can melt scrap wax and use it to make new candles? You can easily get what you need from a craft store: Stearic acid, metal candle moulds, a metal pot, candle paint, waxed wicks, a coffee pot, a knife, a LPG burner, a pair of tongs, some colored sand, an apron and a soldering iron. So how to make a new candle

First, fill broken candle pieces in a metal candle mould pressing hard. Take a pot with water and get on the burner, then place the with broken candle pieces in the wate. Stirring it often will help it melt faster. You need to heat the wax for about half an hour to completely melt it. Now, the wax has been molten.

Now Add Some Molten Wax Paint and Stir

You need to stir it really well for a uniform color. The wax is completely molten and colored, remove the mould with a pair of tongs and pour molten wax to other candle mould. You can either leave it to dry for 6 or 7 hours in room temperature or keep it in the fridge for about 3 hours. Now, it’s the time to place the waxed wick. You have to do this before the wax completely dries. The wick must protrude from the body.

Now, leave it to dry completely. Remove the dried one from the mould. Now, it’s time to decorate the candle. First, cut notches along the candle with a knife and clean the flakes for a beautiful tree bark look for being carved easily using this method. Now, cut notches symmetrical to the previously cut ones, and cut some straight ones in between. How about adding a couple of branches? You can do it using leftover candles.

Carve a hole on the candle close to the bottom and clean all carved wax pieces. Now carve another one, but this time close to the top. Put in a broken piece, then bond them together by melting the wax with the soldering iron. Heat from the soldering iron melts the wax and bonds them together. To fill the gaps, use some scrap wax. Put them in the gap and heat with the soldering iron. Then clean the body of the candle with a brush to level out roughnesses.

Now, carve a shallow pit on the topside of the candle around the wick. Now, we can paint it. Paint the candle moving the brush downwards. Make sure there is no missed spots. Paint the sides of the top side but leave the pit unpainted. Leave the painted one to dry for half an hour. And our decorative candle is ready.

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