How to Open a Locker?

As a student, you have thousands of things going on in your mind and it is quite natural to forget the combination for your locker. Perhaps you cannot remember it, or you might write it down on a piece of paper and you have lost it now. Or you may just want to learn how to open a locker with a combination. Whatever your reason is, we got your back. Below, you are going to find detailed information about how to open a locker with and without a combination. It is quite natural to struggle in your first few attempts. Do not worry since you are going to get used to it in time.

How to Open a Locker with Combination?

First, you need to prepare your locker for the new combination entry. All you have to do is spin the dial clockwise three times. This will help you to clear all the selections that you tried a second ago or your previous attempts. Now, turn the dial clockwise until your first number. Do it again for the second number but this time counterclockwise. Again, repeat the process for the third number but this time clockwise.

Once you are done, all you need to do is pull your locker down to open it. Once you are done, you can lock your locker by attaching it again and randomly twisting the dial.

How to Open a Locker without a Combination?

If you cannot remember the combination of your locker, then do not worry. You can still open it, but it requires a bit of effort and time. It is quite natural to fail in your first few attempts but if you are determined, you can do it without any challenge.

First, hold your locker and grab the dial with your two fingers. Now start pulling the locker downwards so that you can notice small differences when you are trying the possible numbers in your combination. Do not forget to apply some force but make sure it will not be too much. Otherwise, you may break your locker.

Now, start trying the numbers one by one and see if the locker will move at all. If the locker moves, do not forget to take note since you are going to find 11 numbers for your combination at first. Once you find all eleven numbers, now it is time to play detective.

There will be seven two-digit numbers, which you have to ignore all of them. You need to focus on the remaining five. One of these numbers will not end with the same digit as the other two-digit numbers. Once you find it, you are going to find your third number.

After you find the third number, you need to add 4 to it and take notes. You have to do it until you reach the final possible number you can set on the locker. After this calculation, you will have all the possible numbers. Now, all you need to do is try them one by one to find the right combination.

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