How Ventilators Works On Treating Coronavirus!

How ventilators are used to treat coronavirus? Here are the details.

While coronavirus ravages the world; intensive care units and ventilators are used to treat coronavirus. But, more ICUs and ventilators are needed. But, how does ventilators are used to treat coronavirus? Here are the details.

What is a ventilator? How it’s used to treat COVID-19?

Ventilators are used when lungs can’t function enough to make the person breathe. They’re alson named mechanic ventilators. It’s frequently used to fight COVID-19.

Ventilators can be attached to paitents by two ways. If the disease is mild, they put a mask. If not, a tube is inserted onto a patient’s breathing pipe.

But, they’re produced by corporations and sold to states and hospitals. But, their price skyrocketed to $96.000. To cope up with the demand, more and more corporations are stepping into ventilator production. Especially in Turkey; Arçelik, Baykar Technology, Aselsan and TUSAŞ led the way.

While Siare Engineering is the sole producer of ventilators in Italy; they increased the capacity an deven the military stepped into production. But, they’re sold with a price tag of 17.000 €.

Germany has ordered 10.000 ventilators. Even more, automobile corporations have started producing ventilators.

Does every coronavirus patient is admitted to ICUs? How many ICUs are there in Turkey?

According to the data of Ministry of Health in Turkey; there are 24.071 ICU beds around the countries. Even more, they have 13.000 advanced ICU beds and every one of them has a ventilator. More over, 1625 child and 12.402 infant ICU beds are existent. But, their size are increased due to pandemic.

While 80% of the COVID-19 patients are not admitted to hospital; only 5% requires intensive care. Buti ICUs are seperated into three steps. While first and second level ICUs are used for mild paitents; third level is used for severe patients.

Due to coronavirus; more than half of the beds are filled in ICUs. But, Ministry of health stated that there’s no shortage of ICUs and the people admitted to ICUs are decreasing.

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