If This Happens, Your Hard Disk is Going to be Corrupted!

Our computers are an indispensable part of our business and personal lives. We think they’re never gonna go away, they’ll never get lost. One day we are facing that terrible moment: Our hard disk is showing that terrible warning that it is not working anymore. We have to say goodbye to our data…

One of the leading data recovery company’s in Turkey,  General Manager Serap Günal announced 5  signs you have to be careful for your hard drive corruption. If you observe these signs beforehand and are aware of it, you can save both your hard disk and your data. If your hard drive is in a danger, we recommend that you check these marks.

Here are 5 signs that show your hard disk will be corrupted

1- If you hear unusual sounds from your disc, pay attention!

The first and most common detectable sounds coming from your hard disk. These voices are often unusual sounds like rattling or seagull sound. Sounds from your hard drive can often indicate a breakdown of the motor, plates, or disc heads. If you encounter such a situation, you must immediately take the power off and take a professional intervention on the disc.

2- If your files are opening too late, beware!

If the files you clicked have started late, it may indicate that bad bells have been stolen for your computer. Your computer may be affected by a virus or malicious software. Or there may be deterioration of your disc plate. This may have led to poor performance of your disk and late opening of files. Performing such operations as check-disk. To fix this can make the situation worse.

3- If your files are beginning to disappear, beware!

If your files begin to disappear from the desktop or from your computer, the problem with your hard disk is of a serious size. More and more data will be lost. To prevent this, no individual interventions should be made and a data recovery center should be consulted immediately.

4- If your device does not recognize your hard disk, pay attention!

When trying to upload files to your computer, your computer may not be able to recognize the hard disk. One of them points to a connection-related problem; it is a sign that there is a very serious problem with the hard disk, which is unfortunately a bad scenario. This indicates that your disk has encountered a problem, that it has begun to struggle and that it may deteriorate in the near future.

5- If your computer has started freezing attention! It may be a sign of a malfunction on your hard disk when your computer starts to freeze frequently when you give a command or when you do a command. This may be the case if your computer is slowing down frequently. This can be caused by system disturbances, errors arising from applications; mostly problems and faults on the hard disk can be found as a reason.


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