IMDB Rated Top 10 Netflix Series!

10 Netflix series with the best IMDB score for those who have no series left to watch, or want to start a new series. in our news…

We stayed at home during the pandemic period, the schools were on holiday and we came summer holiday. We have increased our time devote to series. We have compiled 10 Netflix series with the best IMDB score for those who have finished many series, have no series left to watch, or want to start a new series. Netflix best TV series list with high IMDB score, in our news…

Netflix best TV series with high IMDB scores:

1- The Breaking Bad

IMDb ranking is on first sequence with 9.5. 50 year-old chemistry teacher Walter White is about New Mexico’s becoming a drug lord to meet financial needs of his family. The series features actors Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn. This series is 5 seasons and episodes are average 50 minutes. Type is; crime, drama.

2- Our Planet

It is consisting single season and 8 episodes a documentary. IMDb score 9.3. One season but completed in 4 years. For this reason, it is within the must watch TV series of Netflix. You can watch precious, sensitive animals and other creatures in nature with 4K camera technology. Episodes are average 50 minutes.

3- The Last Dance

Netflix ranks third on the list of best TV shows with a score of 9.3 IMDb. It is a mini series of images weren’t broadcast on the Chicago Bulls basketball team from 1997-98. This mini-series featuring Michael Jordan caught attention of those interested basketball.

4- Rick And Morty

IMDb score 9.2, type; animation and adventure. This series is about a mad scientist Rick and Rick’s grandson Morty traveling between the galaxies and into the future. Nowadays, series has 4 seasons. Episodes take 22 minutes.

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5- Sherlock

This TV series’ type is crime and mystery, has 4 seasons and IMDb score is 9.1. Sherlock Holmes goes on adventures with his roommate. It drags the audience from there to there. Every episode is average an hour.

6- When They See Us

Based on real life is four episodes mini series. It is about the imprisonment of 5 young people accused of sexually harassing a woman running in Central Park and the racism they experienced in prison. But truths are understand later. IMDb score 9.0. Type; crime and drama.

7- Narcos ve Narcos Mexico

This series focuses on capture of Colombian drug cartel Pablo Gaviria Escobar behind the lives of other drug cartels in Colombia. Type; crime, action. IMDb score is 8.8. Episodes are average 45 minutes.

8- Peaky Blinders

This series is inspired by a real life story. The series takes place in the 1890-1900s. It is about the rise of Peaky Blinders gang and the events their lives in England. This popular TV series IMDb rating is 8.8. Type; crime, drama, period. Currently, series has 5 seasons. Episodes are average 55 minutes.

9- Stranger Things

IMDb score 8.8. Type; fantasy, adventure. It begins with missing of a boy in town Hawkins. It is about the children trying to find missing child and the mysterious events. The series is 3 seasons. Episodes are average 55 minutes.

10- Dark

Dark a very confusing series, has 3 seasons. Two young children disappears in a town Winden. A door opens in cave with development of the industry. This opening door causes transition between periods. Travel in time turns into a journey between worlds. IMDb score 8.7. Type; science fiction, mystery. The series is 3 seasons. Episodes are average 55 minutes.

Is there a TV series you watched on the Netflix best TV series list according to IMDB score? What are the other TV series that you think should definitely get on this list? You can share in comment.

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