Is Astrology Real?

Real or not, astrology is one of the most popular topics all around the world. The vast majority of believers are ladies but the number of men that also believe in astrology should not be underestimated. In this guide, we have discussed everything about astrology and whether it is real or not. Unfortunately, we have some bad news for the believers. Despite, there is a lot of evidence that we can believe astrology is real, it is not scientifically verified. As a result, it is not considered a science. However, something that cannot be considered as a science does not mean that it is real or not, right? Let’s look together Is Astrology Real?

Do Stars Have Physical Influences on People?

We all know that some people really reflect the characteristics of their zodiac. However, scientists claim that the position of the stars does not have any physical or emotional influences on people. This is mainly because they cannot find any concrete relationship between the position of stars and the day you were born.

On the other hand, we all have Gemini friends who often have ups and downs on different days. Or Taurus friends who are stubborn as hell. When we check the zodiacs, we can easily see that most people have the characteristics of their zodiac too.

Why Do Scientists Believe Astrology Is Not Real?

In science, anything that is subject to questioning must be tested. However, due to the nature of astrology, scientists cannot test this relationship between the date of birth and the position of stars. However, this does not mean that astrology is not real.

Scientists are still trying to understand how Mayans calculated 2,000 years ahead of their time or other events. Considering that astrology is also one of the ancient beliefs, we still may have something missing about it. So, it cannot be unreal, especially when believers and even non-believers can see plenty of evidence about the zodiacs and their characteristics.

Thus, the question of whether astrology is real or not is still a mystery. According to the scientific world, it is not real but what about the facts that we often encounter in our daily lives? One thing we also need to consider is psychology.

Considering the reasons why astrology is not a science, then psychology should not be considered as science too. On the other hand, if it is not science or true, why does it have the suffix -ology that is used to refer to science? After all, ancient Greeks would not make a mistake that they have worked on for centuries.

What Do You Think About Astrology?

When we need to sum up, it all depends on individuals. If you have seen numerous pieces of evidence about astrology and its realness, then nothing should stop you from believing it is real. After all, it is your experiences and individual experiences that matter the most.

They are what makes us, affect our perception, and let us direct our lives. If you are believing in astrology just like us, we need to give some time to the scientific world to reevaluate their hypothesis again.

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