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Students may need financial assistance in their new education life for many reasons. Although you have your personal savings and family assistance, sometimes additional financial support may be needed. Loans for students should be repaid with interest after the education is over. These loans that support the college students should be learned in detail before getting them. The issue of loans for college students sometimes can be confusing, let’s take a look together. You will learn more about loans for college students after reading this article.

What Are The Types of Student Loans?

Student loans can be obtained from many different places, but there are two main student loans you can take. The first of these is the federal student loan which is taken from the state and the second is the private loans that are taken from private banks and institutions.

Federal Loans for College Students

Federal Student Loans are the loans that are given by the government itself. There are three types of federal loans for college students. In order to get these loans for college students, one should fill the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form. The positive thing about the federal loans is that their interest rate is fixed.

1-Direct Subsidized Loans

This student loan is given by the government to the undergraduate students who need financial support for higher education. While the student is still in education, the government pays the interest which is increasing. After the student is graduated or leave the school for any reason, for the repay the period of six months starts while the interest is increasing.

2-Direct Unsubsidized Loans

This type of student loan is available for undergraduate and graduate students and the students are not obligated to show a financial need. However, the issue of interest is that the interest is increasing when the student is still learning.

3-Direct PLUS Loans for Parents

Plus loans are given to the parents but taken for the students. They are repaid by the parents themselves even though they are taken for the student. However, in order to take out this loan, one should show a credit check to the government. If they do not pay the loan, the parents’ credit rate will lower.

Private Loans for College Students

Private Loans are not given by the government but rather they are given by schools, banks, or other private companies. These loans’ interest rates are usually higher than the federal student loans. And the interest rates are not fixed and they can vary from company to company, bank to bank, and school to school. Also, they can also vary from the parent’s credit score as well. Also, it should be known that they are similar to direct unsubsidized loans that are given by the government because the interest accrues while the student is still learning. And it shouldn’t be forgotten that the student is responsible for the whole loan and is not supported by the government in a case of not being able to repay. Also, one can refinance their loans considering the change in the credit score, lower interest, etc.

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How to Apply for Student Loans?

One can apply the federal loans for the students by filling the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form. One should also show their parent’s credit score in order them to see if the student is able to repay back or not. Information on this form is sent to the school of the student’s choice, and the school sends a letter explaining how much of this credit is covered. If the student accepts the situation of the loans, they sign a contract that they will pay it back with interest and starts to get their loan.

For private student loans, the application process can be different than the federal student loans. However, just as the federal student loans, a form is filled out which includes personal information and credit score, and the student has to sign a document that he/she accepts the interest. At the same time, a co-signer’s signature may be required in the application process. The acceptance process varies from company to company. Sometimes it can be answered in a few days, sometimes it can be answered in minutes. Considering the features of high interest and repayment obligation, the options should be examined and eliminated very well while taking a private student loan.

Student Loans for Bad Credit

For students, who do not have a good credit score, it would be more logical to first look at scholarships, grants, and work-study programs. In this way, less credit may be requested when obtaining a loan from the government. Or, they can apply for federal student loans because their interest is fixed and they can get help if they can’t pay. However, one should not apply for PLUS Loans for Parents if they have a bad credit because it’ll leave a bad remark on your credit core in the future.  But one has no other choice, then, he or she can apply for a PLUS Loans for Parents in order to take out the loan. Another option would be to find a co-signer because the government or private loan companies check if you can repay the interest or not. In this way, you can show a guarantee that eventually you will pay the loan in the future. The last option, which is not offered, would be to apply to private institutions that offer loans at low interest rates, if available.

After all, is necessary to thoroughly research and eliminate your options carefully. If you have a bad credit score, it is recommended to apply for grants, scholarships, and work-and-study programs that are available. Apart from that, you can apply for federal loans that are suitable for you, which is the second option to get a student loan. If your credit score is good, it will be better for your future credit score not to choose the loan option that your parents will pay for. Apart from that, if your financial situation is sufficient, student loans given by private companies and banks will also be suitable for you.

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