New Netflix Movies 2022

Movie announcements that we follow closely, we feel the need to update our articles. Here are the new Netflix movies 2022 announced to be released.

Since Netflix came into our lives, we can say that the concept of watching movies has disappeared and the concept of watching Netflix has been replaced. For this reason, we are very curious about the new series and movies, competitions and programs that will come to Netflix. As a result of the movie announcements that we follow closely, we feel the need to update our articles. Here are the new Netflix movies 2022 announced to be released.

Neflix Movies 2022

The most talked about new movies on Netflix will release in 2022…

A Jazzman’s Blues

We are particularly interested in movies in the Netflix Originals series. Because these productions are really high quality! We wanted to start this list with A Jazzman’s Blues from the Netflix Originals series. The director of this crime and drama movie is Tyler Perry and the cast is very good. Josh Boone and Solea Pfeiffer are among the prominent lead actors.

Against The Ice

This very interesting movie is in the categories of adventure, drama and history. Directed by Peter Flinth, this movie brings together great actors such as Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Joe Cole, Charles Dance, Diarmaid Murtagh, Ed Speleers.

Apollo 10: A Space Age Adventure

In this movie, is the topic based on the space adventures that have been talked about recently? Yes,  there is an adventure, as the name suggests. But there is one thing that is different: This is an animation and family movie! In other words, the movie is not a space movie you know, on the contrary, it is a fun family movie.

Beverly Hills Cop 4

The long-awaited movie of the series is one of the options we can watch on Netflix in 2022. This movie  is very successful in the comedy genre. From another point of view, it seems to be talked about a lot.


Blonde, a drama movie, is one of the movies where many successful actors come together. Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe in this movie adapted from a biographical novel. We are ready to see this movie in the top of the lists!

Escape From Spiderhead

This movie stands out in the genre of action and science fiction. On the other hand, this movie is quite mysterious. In the movie directed by Joseph Kosinski, excitement will not be missing for a second. In addition, we see that the animations used in the film are quite remarkable.

Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone, a thriller movie, is another movie that will be talked about a lot in Netflix Movies 2022. We see Gal Gadot in the cast. The director is Tom Harper. This movie, which definitely has deep meanings, seems like it will steal a couple of hours from you to think about it.

Netflix is ​​the New TV

We listed new movies on Netflix above. Exciting us already with its new movies, Netflix will open many more movies to access in 2022. We will be following the news closely and updating the list. Also, we are pretty excited to hear about new netflix Original Series, too.


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