Our Digital Assets might Go Extinct on Earthquake!

Despite everything became digitalized, can our digital assets might be affected in the event of earthquake? Here are the details.

How our digital assets might go extinct in case of natural catastrophies?

Many earthquakes happened in Turkey, including 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Istanbul.

Debates being made when people couldn’t access their families by mobile on and after earthquake and backlashes became headlines on social media. So, people concerned over their digital assets might be lost on earthquake because they might go extinct on earthquakes.

As digital assets includes everything about us on the net; if they get damaged, they might go extinct.

How can we protect our digital assets?

After the experience, people faces the reality and started to take precautions. Likely, corporations and people have started to protect their digital identities to ensure that they’re not extinct.

In case of digital assets of corporations go extinct, they might have their work cut. Even more, natural catastrophies can destroy their digital assets too. According to experts, there are some precautions can be taken to prevent from happening. Firstly, every corporation should collaborate with a data saving center and they should pay attention to their location. Moreover, many corporations are creating their centers outside the city.

What does researches shows when corporations didn’t take precautions against natural catastrophies? What can happen to corporations without saving solution? What does the experts recommend? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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