People Who Uses Credit Cards At Cafes and Restaurants Watch Out!

Payment systems are one of the most important conveniences in our lives brought by technology. Instead of carrying cash, we can make payments easily by credit cards. Even more, most of us prefers to make contact-free payments.

Cyber-aggressors in the USA has become target of those commonly used payment technlogies. 139 malwares have been detected in one of the payment services providing company NCBP. This harmful software has been uncovered it’s aim to steal the consumers credit cards information. Because most of the customers are at restaurants and cafes, which have lots of activity thoroughout the day, consumers who use those payment systems had a hard time. Even more, this attack couldn’t get uncovered for 21 days. This situation have affected customers who makes payments with those systems and it has been shared that their credit card information is at risk.

Personal information has been captured by the attack made to POS devices

The assault made to NCBP has continued 21 days. Cyber-aggressors have captured the information of 139 cafes and restaurants POS devices and the users credit card information contains the consumers name and surnames, their credit card numbers, their cards valid thru and their cvv security code.

As soon as the company has realized, the company has made the consumers aware of this attack. But within those 21 days, it’s not possible that consumers who ate and drink in those cafes and restaurants haven’t got any harm to them. For this reason, all users are under risk when they’re using their credit cards.

Well how can we protect online payment systems or attacks made to POS devices? What kind of precautions we can take? Continues at te news


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Ata Tekeli

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