Robots Will Be Used In Corona Virus Cases!

Telemedicine method works for patients to contact with their doctors without meeting them physically.

Robots both help us on our daily lives and being used actively on all aspects. Now, robots are used to fight against deadly Corona virus outbreak. But how? Here are the details.

As Corona virus have more than 100 different types; it’s not been expected to be transmitted to humans by animals. The biggest reason why Corona virus spreads is that people are not in quarentine, coughing, sneezing, hand shaking etc. Even though, you’re isolated, coronavirus continues to spread itself.

How does robots will take part against coronavirus?

Technology is used on many precautions against the spread of Corona virus. Also, robots and artificial intelligence takes part. Because the virus can spread even in hospital condition.

To reduce the danger, they starte to use robots. This method allows people knowing if they have Corona virus without going to an hospital. They use telemedicine to determine whether you have the virus.

How does telemedicine will work? WHat does robots fills in this field? What is the real reason underlying telemedicine? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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