Secrets of Being a Good Digital Citizen!

It is also very important to be a good digital citizen in our digital age. In this sense, we have an important role for adults. First of all, it is very important that we have a seamless digital life and at the same time we have knowledge in this field so that we can avoid unwanted situations. In addition, we should not forget that the future users of the internet are also children and we must educate them as well. So what are the secrets of being a good digital citizen? here are the details…

Let’s express briefly for those who do not know before the digital citizen is called. Digital citizen; recognize the dangers and opportunities of social networks; it can also be defined as individuals who can take measures to protect themselves from internet identity thieves and cybercriminals. Digital citizenship requires both a secure Internet knowledge and a good cyber friends.

There are many developments and many threats in online environments. This, of course, makes it difficult to be a good digital citizen. Kaspersky Lab shared some important tips on being a good digital citizen. These tips are very important for us as well as children who are the users of the future to become a good digital citizen. Tips for managing your online reputation, becoming a cyber friend, following changes in online privacy settings, so you can become a good digital citizen:

Manage your online reputation

We need this in the real world just as we need buddies in the real world. It is important that our friends in the cyber environment pay attention to us, warn us when we do wrong and defend us. So how do you get a cyber dude? Here are tips:

You must compare on the internet against cyber bullying situations and talk. You must not participate in this cyber bullying.

If you are a student, acting as an exemplary individual in the sports clubs, youth clubs, or on-line platforms at your school is also important for cyber-humility.

If you think that any person has suffered cyberbullying and you are afraid to express that person; you should share this situation with a friend you know and trust, or a trusted adult that you think can help.

So why is it important to be informed to become a good digital citizen? What should be informed about how? Read more…


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