Social Media Triggers Fomo! So What Is Fomo?

This fear, called Fomo, became widespread, especially with the inclusion of social media in our lives much more. What is Fomo? How does social media trigger Fomo? How do you know if you have caught Fomo? 

In social media platforms, people are showing themselves as if they’re living the lives they want to live, unlike their real lives. Because of this situation, many people feel unhappy, thinking their own lives are incomplete. This fear, called Fomo, became widespread, especially with the inclusion of social media in our lives much more. What is Fomo? How does social media trigger Fomo? How do you know if you have caught Fomo?

What Are The Symptoms Of Fomo?

The concept of Fomo was first introduced in 2004 by author J. McGinnis. We can express Fomo, which stands for “Fear Of Missing Out”, as a kind of fear of missing out. A person in a Fomo situation feels fear of missing out on what other individuals experience and is constantly concerned with what others are doing. Therefore, they are deprived of living in the moment because they cannot focus on their own lives.

Thus, they become asocial individuals, insecure, and constantly feeling incomplete. Technology has a huge impact on Fomo. Since we are constantly in digital channels rather than face-to-face communication, we feel the need to be constantly active in those areas. Continuous holiday poses, happy family paintings, and perfect bodies are reflected and conveyed so realistically that; It would be inevitable for the other side to feel their lack. In this way, Fomo is formed and the psychology of the person is badly affected by this situation.

How Social Media Increases Fomo?

According to research data, it is stated that the time spent on technological devices increases our risk of depression. These data; 83 percent of those who use for more than 6 hours, 50 percent of those who use 4-6 hours, 21 percent of those who use 2-4 hours, and 14 percent of those who use 1-2 hours show a depressive life.

Fomo generally occurs when the signal loss, the charge runs out, and in the interaction loss. In this way, people are in a pessimistic mood and are drawn into their own worlds because they are missing from the events that are happening at that moment. Sometimes they feel Fomo when they see the expression read, seen. They are disappointed by making such events more personalized. The Fomo, which is connected with Nomophobia ie being without a phone; As we mentioned based on it, it consists of the phone and the internet.

How Do You Know That You Have Fomo?

You can determine whether you have Fomo or not by examining your phone-free and internet-free time. If you think you have Fomo, what you need to do is to get away from that world by finding new occupations and hobbies. But let’s also point out that you need to consult an expert.

We must be aware that the virtual world does not have a reality and the stream of the broadcast is progressing, although we are not there constantly. We won’t lose anything when we’re not there. Therefore, it is useful to be careful when using social media and use it for a limited time.

So do you think people are sincere on social media? Do you feel that you have a separate life in social media other than your own? You can share it from the comment section.

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