Social Robots Will Inform People at Airports!

What abilities does the social robot to help people at airports have? What features do social robots have? Interesting details are on our news ...

Robots do not have a hard time dealing with humans. They’re even more social than most people. They can recognize people and communicate even in crowded areas such as airports and shopping malls. A short time ago the entrepreneurs have developed Turkey’s first social robot. So, what abilities does this social robot to help people at airports have? Interesting details are on our news …

What features do social robots have?

Turkish engineers have recently increased their work on robotics technologies. Robot technology is an important pillar of a work may be, have developed Nely Turkey’s first social robot. Social robot Nely recognizes people with its social features and offers personalized answers accordingly.

Designed about 3 years ago, this social robot has two models, desktop and mobile. After strengthening the bond with people in the places of use, the mobile model is also being prepared for the market. The 1.55-tall Nely’s desktop model moves its head and neck. It communicates with the users on the touch screen in the chest area. Communication can be provided either by touch or by voice.

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Nely is being worked on to have more different features. It enables communication with the user thanks to its features such as facial recognition, voice recognition, and emotion recognition with its current social skills. Social robot Nely can create personalized responses with the data collected from users and provide individual-specific feedback. Nely, which can read barcodes, can also connect with social media platforms, traffic, weather, e-mail services.

The international lines area of ​​Istanbul Airport is considered as the first application site. Nely, our national social robot, will be assigned for educational purposes in the future.

Do you think social robots can help people? What do you think about the future of robots? Have you encountered robots in shopping malls and airports before? You can share your thoughts in the comments section.

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