Stephen Hawking’s Interesting Life Story And Prophecies

Stephen Hawking also predicted the end of the world.

Stephen Hawking is one of the most recognized names among scientists. Hawking, who made a great contribution to science and achieved success, is also known for his lifestyle and ALS disease he had. Stephen Hawking has even been the subject of movies with his life. Not only his life story but also his theories and interesting prophecies. You will read about Stephen Hawking’s interesting life story.

Stephen Hawking’s Theories For The Future!

Hawking, considered the most genius theoretical physics scientist after Einstein, became interested in cosmology after studying at Oxford University. He went to Cambridge University to work in this area. Later, he started to work in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.

One of Stephen Hawking’s most important known theories is the “Hawking Radiation” theory about black holes. But this theory was later debunked. Stephen Hawking, on the other hand, acknowledged that the theory actually contained contradictions, thus creating a “knowledge paradox”.

In addition, Hawking also took part in the creation of the “Unlimited Universe Theory”. We can say that his work, which brought Hawking his real reputation and attracted attention among the public, is his book titled “A Brief History of Time: From Big Bang to Black Holes”. This book, which is on the bestseller list, explains many theories and concepts in a simple understandable language with a bridge that connects the past and the future.

Stephen Hawking’s Big Shock!

Stephen Hawking is a scientist who draws attention with his life. Hawking was called “Einstein” by his circle, who was not very interested in lessons during his school days but still showed that he was intelligent. Hawking, who loves horse riding, was on the rowing team during his Oxford years. But in the following years, Stephen Hawking began to show signs of staggering and clumsiness. As a result, Hawking, who was 21 years old, contracted motor neuron disease, ALS.

Doctors said Hawking had only a few years left because of this disease, which caused the loss of voluntary muscle control. But Stephen Hawking tried to look at life more optimistically despite his illness. Shortly after that, he married Jane Beryl Wilde and had 3 children from this marriage.

What Interesting Prophecies Stephen Hawking Make?

Stephen Hawking also predicted the end of the world. It was among these prophecies that global warming would become irreversible, epidemics would be experienced due to climate change, and the asteroid would hit the world.

Stephen Hawking also believed in the existence of aliens. He suggested that there may also be primitive beings in space and even intelligent alien life, that it might be better for humans not to encounter them. He explained this by stating that aliens would not be DNA-based, therefore humans could not resist the diseases brought about by them.

As we can see, Stephen Hawking made a great contribution to science and had an interesting life in different ways. So much so that a movie called “The Theory of Everything” about Stephen Hawking’s life was also shot.

You learned Stephen Hawking’s interesting life story. What do you think about Stephen Hawking’s life and his work? Do you know of any other interesting information about this famous scientist?

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