The Greatest Happiness is to Make People Happy

A mother and son's story

Once upon a time, there was a widow who lives with his son Michael. She sews for living. This earnings, but enough to get food. She could not buy nice clothes and toys for her son. So, she is very sorry. One day, when she goes to the market, she thought, “If the money left, I can get something for my son”. And ask him “Dear son, I am going to the market. What do you want me to get there?” His son said, “I want a drum mommy”. His mommy she said, “Drum? Ok, if the money left, I will buy a drum for you, I promise”.

After shopping, her money could not enough for buy a drum. On the way to home sadly, she found a well painted piece of wood. When she returned to home, she said, there is not enough money for buy a drum after shopping. And gave the piece of wood to him. Michael upset this condition but he dissemble. “There is no problem mommy, we can buy it when we have money. Very nice colors it has. Thank you very much.” and he has gone out for a walk.

While Michael was walking, he saw a woman crying

And Michael say: “Why are you crying?” And she said: “The fumes are burned my eyes. I can not light the fire with those cowpat.” Michael said: “You can light the fire easily with this piece of wood”. And she said “Thank you, let’s sit next to me. I will cook a flatbread for you.”

She light the fire via piece of wood and gave a flatbread to Michael and he said “Thank you very much”, she said “You’re welcome, enjoy your meal”. Michael, he has gone out for a walk again and while Michael was walking, he saw a woman crying, and ask “Why are you crying?” she said “My son is starving and want some flatbread. I can not leave here, and I don’t know what will I do. He is crying constantly”. And Michael said “Do you want some flatbread? Take this one”. And she said: “Michael, what a good boy you are. Let’s take this crockery. It is a gift from me”. Michael said thanks and has gone out again.

When he walk by with crockery, he saw the leather maker who reprimanding his son and he said: “What is the problem? Bad things happened?” The leather maker say, “This impish break the crockery. I told him, he can not handle”. Michael said: “Well, please take this crockery and forgive him. He did not break willingly”. He calmed down and gave a leather jacket to Michael for thanks.

When Michael near by the bridge, he saw a man who tries to warming. Michael said: “What happened to you?” And man said: “I feel down to the river while fishing. I am drying my clothes to avoid getting sick. But I think I will be”. Michael said: “Then please take this jacket. So, you will not be.”

The son of a rich man gave his horse to Michael against his favor. Michael, walk with horse, he faced a wedding procession. But the wedding owners have not fun. They are sulking under the tree. Michael ask them, “Why they are uncheerful?” A man said “Hey, the man who bring the bride’s horse has not arrive yet. Bride never goes walk by. In this case, we have to postpone the wedding.” And Michael said: “Take my horse. If you garnish him, he will be great bride horse”.

Thus, the wedding has resumed with joy. And Michael accompanied them by drumming. When playing the drum, he remember those people who smiles all day long, and he decided “The greatest happiness is to make people happy”.

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