The Spiritual Significance of the Reed Flute

The reed is a non-living here worse story is parallel to that of the human and who lives a parallel life in a different time and place with different heroes. The reed is a touching hero. Whoever hears its voice stops for a moment and thinks putting his soul in the balance. “I know this voice from somewhere.” he says.

It is the name of a will burned and cooked in the middle of a story of a foreign land a will which grew stronger as it burned. In other words, the reed is the taste of the deepest, warmest sound of being abroad and longing. The reed bed is the reed’s heaven and the reed is a strange being. Its voyage begins in this reed bed.

It’s then separated from in a heart-wrenching voyage, it is a strange being that fell into fire, considering this fall as a lesson with a desire to become burned and mature instead of raw and complete. A secret is hidden in its longing which is “missing a home for which any desire would become dull.”

What was it that made a piece of reed so mysterious? What was it that led a piece of reed to such mourning? What was it that made the reed a delight for the soul? The answer to all these questions is the reed itself: All the answers are contained inside the reed.

The reed is a human who has been exiled to earth. Its home is far away, a place that cannot be reached, it is in the heart. Burning is the only way to reach this place burning and standing up to all the world’s problems with a cure known as patience. Patience is so painful. Patience is the cure for the greatest of grief.

The Reed is a Human

It is a dervish who has just begun his journey. Its steps are timid, its looks tremble and its breath is fresh. Its destiny is either the plain and white heaven or the alluring, black hell. It has to speak good words and make other speak good, if it is to reach heaven.

The introduction of the reed’s story is heaven, its development the world and its conclusion the homeland. Life should flow like this. This is the reed’s only desire and it is willing to endure any ordeal to achieve this. The human and the reed are two inseparable confidants.

It is hard for them to know and understand each other and much harder to be separated should they understand each other. Their grief and aim is the same and their cure obvious. The best consolation for these confidants is news of the union.

A human exhales fully after taking a deep breath while the reed exhales with the volume of a large corpus of musical compositions. When these two are together, the story turns exciting. The reed is a migratory bird gliding from abroad to its homeland. The reed awaits the spring which is waiting for it in the heart, the most quiet of all places.

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