Top 10 Netflix Movies

Here are the top 10 Netflix Movies that marked the history of Netflix.

In recent years, Netflix movies have managed to have an important place in our lives. We follow the newly released movies and series, and add the movies that suit our taste to our watch lists. We also love Netflix movies for being high definition and quality content! Here are the top 10 Netflix Movies that marked the history of Netflix.

Top 10 Netflix Movies

Let’s look best Netflix Movies.

10. Rome

We even get excited when we hear the name of the famous movie director Alfonso Cuaron! This movie of the director is considered one of the best productions on Netflix. This film allows us to know the experiences of a maid in Mexico. Also, the story takes place in the 1970s.

9- Polar

The movie tells about the next adventures of a man who puts an end to his adventure of assassination. It is one of the popular movies recently released by Netflix.

8- To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

A young girl who writes letters to all the men in her life experiences some adventures as a result of these letters. An entertaining romantic comedy, this movie is definitely worth watching.

7- Parasite

This Korean-made movie caused huge crowds in movie theaters. It tells the events that develop as a result of a poor family starting to work in the service of a rich family…

6- Last Summer

This youth movie is about a holiday story set in the 90s. It is a romantic movie about the most special memories and relationships.

5- 365 Days

Imagine a mafia that gives a kidnapped woman a year to fall in love with him. The story of these two is quite mysterious…

4- Now You See Me

The illusionists can escape from the FBI agents thanks to their abilities. They steal money from the bank and distribute it to their audience. The famous movie is definitely worth watching.

3- The Platform

Think of a prison… A platform with food consists of floors. Those on the top floor can eat, but those on the lower floor are starving. The result of this situation will be rebellion.

2- V

This movie is a dystopian story. It is about the adventure of a masked anarchist and a detective.

1- Suicide Squad

This movie was also very popular in cinemas when it was first released. It is definitely one of the must-sees. It is possible to see action in every scene in this movie. It tells the stories and evils of a group of superheroes. You can watch Suicide Squat in high quality on Netflix.


It is possible to see hundreds of movies and movies on Netflix. Considering that everyone has different tastes, the top 10 list can change in an endless combination. However, we have compiled the most loved and must-see movies for you. If you have different movie suggestions, you can specify them in the comments. How many movies do you like in this top 10 Netflix movies list? What other content would you like to have access to in the fascinating world of Netflix?

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