US Will Track People From Their Corona Virus Portal!

US will see where does the people are from a portal.

As COVID 19 shows it’s lethality and nearly half of global infections are coming from the US. As they lose thousands per day to corona virus; US government decided to track their citizens thorough a website. Here are the details.

How does US tracks people for Corona virus?

To protect ourselves from COVID 19; we’ll need to stay home to decrease the risk. Even more, many countries have ordered a curfew.

As the US having the most cases; they started to take some steps to prevent the spread of pandemic. Now, US government plans to create a portal to track their people every second.

They’ll use apps to track where does the people are. And, they’ll be accesses anonymously. So, people’s locations will be known and being reported when they meet at a common place. Also, that’ll be activated in 500 cities.

Only the US government and the CDC will have access to the portal for privacy reasons. Even more, they’ll create a map to display risks. So, the government’s claim is on the preventitive side of the arguement.

Why did Mark Zuckerberg refused the US government’s work? What is the relationship about Facebook? What would be the backlashes of other countries? Continues on the news.


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