Watch Out For The Holiday Opportunity Trap!

Most of us in our digital world encounters campaigns with advertisements, e-mails and offers. Nearly all of us likes to exploit these types of opportunities and campaigns. Cyber aggressors who are aware of this situation have started to exploit themselves. They put people into trap by fake e-mails looks like they have been sent by popular accomodation platform sor tourism agencies. Now there are some clues for protecting your self against cheaters.

What kind of traps cheaters set up for holiday season?

Kaspersky Lab have discovered many attacks which makes people to incentivize this kind of opportunities last May. Most of them were fake e-mails that looks like they’ve been sent by popular accomodation platforms. According to research more than 8000 phishing attacks have been made. Because of the fake email looks like a legal tourism agency many users have subscribed to paid telephone services.

Phishing methods and spams are most commonly used methods of cyber-aggressors. For this kind of assaults cyber attackers exploits people by trusting this brand by making some kind of social engineering. They are manipulating themvery convincing. For this they set up fake sites that looks like their real counterparts. This fake sites lures their victims and they make them pay for their fictional product or services or they capture their credit card information.

How they threaten people who wants to make holiday?

According to research, for example, at 21st of May there have been 7 fake e-mail groups got uncovered that looks like they came from popular plane ticket, accomodation and reservation sites. Three of them wants their potential victims to participate in this short survey and if they share the link they guarentee that they’ll get free plane ticket. Also they want their participants to write their mobile number as well. After they put their victims into trap, they make them subscribed to paid mobile services.

Evenmore researches especially past April and May, they have discovered that some popular sites got mimicked for phishing attacks. Evenmore this attacks have been made nearly 8000 times. One of these attacks cheaters have used perfectly similar legal sites. They’ve sent their victims high point offers which they sent were cheap accomodation and a place in city centre. After that they lure them into fake sites they have disappeared after they made fake reservations and taking their money.

Especially watch out at spring and summer months.

Specialists warned that especially in holiday season which opens at final stage of spring and the start of summer which has been loved by cheaters. At this time many people became targets by cheaters who wants to find a suitable holiday opportunity or last minute reservations. They should watch out fort his kind of reservations.

Sites and offers made by cheaters have started to become more convincing. For instance, it started to become much harder to understand those fake link sif they want to buy plane ticket or to make hotel reservations. Evenmore these attacks success rates have started to become successful by people using mobile phones for reservations. Because of this individuals should exploit legal sites to make hotel reservations or buying phones and if possible they should use security solutions which has filters with phishing and spam.

It’s especially important for holiday season to take precautions for phishing and spam traps. Here there are some clues to protect yourself from these attacks continues at the news.


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