We Will Meet in The Future 5 Interesting Professions!

New technologies have also revealed new professions. So what are the professions of the future? The future professions is in our news…

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality… Technology has put things that once seemed incredible into our lives. New technologies have also revealed new professions. In future, occupation groups who do not want to lose their jobs to artificial intelligence, keeping up with digital transformation, they created new professions. So what are the professions of the future? The list of promising profession and future professions is in our news…

What will be the professions of the future?

We meet many new professions with technology. However, the professions of the future do not appear suddenly. Today’s popular professions can sometimes fight metal collar workers, so robot workers and they are transforming to exist in the future. Sometimes, new professions appear with new technologies.

1- DNA designer

Today, through technology, it can affect the DNA of an unborn baby and we can even change it. This profession emerges from the intersection of genetics and programming. Through the service offered  this profession parents, can choose an embryo with the best genetics for their unborn child. They can also alter the DNA of unborn children to reduce or prevent the risk of disease, such as cancer.

2- Artificial Intelligence Ethics Lawyer

Another profession of the future is artificial intelligence ethics lawyers. All of us controlled by artificial intelligence and expect the emergence of autonomous vehicles with extremely good security. But to ensure security, people need to train these vehicles against some accidents. These people are called artificial intelligence ethics lawyers. Artificial intelligence ethics lawyers guide the vehicles correctly, make a right choice when it comes to a situation.

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3- Robot Engineer

The word robot can be interpreted very broadly. In the future only as a soldier, rescue worker, police and firefighter not be correct to say that robots can be worker. Robots are in a position to do more than people can do. Very soon we will see the profession of the robot engineer among the engineering of the future. Robot engineers are trained to work on the design, maintenance and repair of robots.

4- 3D Model Designer

Today, 3D modelers are dealing with the development of virtual models. But, aimed to have 3D printers in every home in the future. In this case, someone has to will work on create models that 3D printers. This shows that, demand for the knowledge and skills of the 3D model designer, profession will increase exponentially in the future.

5- Virtual Reality Designer

When it comes to virtual reality, most people think of virtual games. In fact, this technology has a great future in other fields. For example, you can visit the best museums of the world with virtual reality technology, travel to the farthest corners of the planet. We can see all this with our own eyes using the virtual reality glasses.

In addition, virtual reality makes it easier for real estate agents. In half an hour, you can visit many places in different region of the city virtually. You can make real estate purchases and rentals. All of these virtual rooms and sights have to be created. It is a virtual reality designer, one of the professions of the future.

So what will be the future professions? Can artificial intelligence take our professions? You can write in comments.

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