What Does The Doomsday Vault Contain!

This vault has been prepared in case of severe catastrophes. What does it contain? Here are the details.

Doomsday Vault is crucial globally. But, what does it contain? Here are the details.

Except for counting the danger of coronavirus; climate change is coming to our doorsteps. And threatens the natural balance in every aspect. So, they’ve created the Doomsday Vault in Svalbard, Norway. Despite it’s created for climate change; famine, nuclear and biological wars are amongst some of them.

Where does the Doomsday Vault is hidden?

It’s been built in Norway in 2008 that contains more than a million seeds from more than 5.000 species. Countries send seeds to protect all their plants. Consequently, all are being protected. Even more, form basic foods to endemic ones are being protected at this vault.

As preserving the seeds meant to protect the gene heritage; new seeds can be developed with the help of them. And they can be minimum water and sun reliant ones. So, Doomsday Vault has an important role in protecting mankind.

What does the Doomsday Vault contain?

There are way too many unprotected species so far. In 2019, no seed placement was made. And it rose to 60.000 with the recent update. Even more, they prioritize endangered and nearly extinct and most universities give support without any sort of return.

This vault has a temperature of -18 degrees celsius to protect the seeds with infrastructure in case the power goes off. This vault is 125 meters underground the surface with a four-layered steel door to protect against a human threat with a cost of $9 million.

It took a beating from a flood in 2006 due to rising water levels. To fix it, they’ve spent 20 million € for improvements. But, it’s an irony while the Doomsday Vault gets threatened for the same reasons. According to natural scientists, humans should be empathetic to nature itself.

What do you think about the Doomsday Vault? What should this vault contain? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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