What Does Women Want In Technology Sector?

According to a recent research, women tends to direct themselves lesser than other sectors and they leave their jobs commonly.

As we all know that future occupations are going to become more computer-science related jobs such as coding and software. Thanks to rapidly developing technology, big technology corporations are giving jobs and fields of specialization to young people. For example, when we look at the profiles of studies in coding or software on TV series and movies, we mostly see male profiles.

Of course corporationd doesn’t like this situation and they’re doing lots of work to prevent from becoming male-dominant corporations and also tries to direct women in this field. What does statistics are saying?

The number of women working on technology sector is far less than their male counterparts in tech corporations. Of course, we don’t even add the number of women leaves this field.

International job-finding company Indeed have created a survey for 1000 women working on this field. They asked questions to them what kind of differences in order for them to continue and their experiences.

According to research data, the main cause of women leaving this field more than their counterparts is that they have a obastacle to get promotions. Also most of the female employees stated that they give proirity to their male counterparts.

Another important difference is the difference on salaries. Despite tech corporations have higher salaries, women tends to get less than their counterparts for the same position.

Well, what does corporations are doing? Corporations are creating women to work on this sector but when it comes to salaries, most of them don’t have the same attitude.

Lastly, it has also been researched what should be done to keep women working on this field. According to this question, most of the women told that salary policy should change. In general, what they want is a working field that’s fair and transparent. According to the results, women wants to work more on this field.

Well, what do you think about the fact that why women are strangers in this occupational field? You can share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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