What Is a Mandalorian?

The Mandalorian series managed to attract plenty of attention in recent months. Without a doubt, Baby Yoda is one of the most important factors for this popularity. In addition to this, the series made the Star Wars series much more popular and new generations learned about it. On the other hand, we should not neglect the curiosity about Mandalorian himself. In this guide, we are going to discuss everything you might want to learn about Mandalorian including his homeland, what makes him this special, and much more! If you would like to learn more about this brave hero, who babysits Baby Yoda, you should keep reading! You will learn what is a Mandalorian in this article.

Who Is Mandalorian?

Mandalorian is a title given to people who were born in Mandalore. Mandalore is one of the planets in the Star Wars universe and has great importance for the story of the series. Unlike most people, a Mandalorian is not a race or species. In fact, they are humans just like us with different ethnicity. In the series, a Mandalorian is taking care of Baby Yoda and protecting him at all costs.

Just like other warrior clans in different series, Mandalorians also have their own codes and rules. They are raised to be warriors and their planet has been at war with different communities, species, and races since its existence. As a result, they are some of the best warriors in the galaxy. One of the most distinguishable features of Mandalorians is they only speak in an active voice.

What Makes Mandalorian So Special?

Since Mandalorians have been in a battle with different races and species since their existence, they are famous for being the best warriors in the galaxy. This makes them quite advanced in combat techniques. However, besides their skills, all their technology also focuses on weapons and gears. This makes most of them almost unbeatable.

In addition to this, they wear special armors, which are made of Beskar. Beskar is a fictional material that is very similar to metal. However, Beskar cannot be destroyed and is resistant to technological weaponry such as blasters and lightsabers, which are very common in the Star Wars universe.

Another important feature of Mandalorians is they adopt their friends’ children when their parents go to war. Thus, they have a very strict community that keeps an eye on each other. They also live and die for their honors.

What Is the Home of Mandalorian, Mandalore Like?

Unfortunately, Mandalore does not have much natural beauty because it was the main battlefield in many battles. We can say that it is a large desert and cities exist under special domes to ensure the habitat. Just like our world, Mandalore has one moon, and it is known as Concordia.

There are plenty of Houses and Clans in Mandalore society. There is competition among all these clans and the planet is ruled by the most powerful clan. Their leaders are known as Mand’alor, and everyone is equal on this planet. Both men and women are raised as fierce warriors to take their part in unending battles of the planet.

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