What Kind of Dress Should I Wear For Cycling?

The shorts are imperative. We still see cyclists pedaling often wearing little shorts adapted. The choice of comfort is paramount. All too often, we hear practitioners accuse the saddle pain that a better choice would have avoided shorts. You should try cycling shorts. Sizes, like in all the garment industry, varying from one manufacturer to another, you should ensure that end too tight straps are not going to lacerate shoulders.

There are also minimalist shorts, strapless. This works well for occasional practitioners, the use recreation. But as soon as the distance lengthens and the practice becomes a little bit sporty and regular, buying a complete cycling shorts is required. Remember also that with shorts, you don’t wear underwear.

Not only a chamois (which is no longer manufactured using the skins of those poor beasts long) fulfills this role with a different density within the desired comforts and planned distances, but add a slip or boxer shorts at risk creating injury by friction. The shorts are available in versions for long legs and short winter for summer.

To choose between long and short, it only covers short above 20 degrees, between 10 and 20 it is a personal matter of sensitivity and that below 10 carries everything along. When the first autumn days appear, the cyclist begins to add layers. But careful not to superimpose anything, a cotton t-shirt or even wool as was formerly practiced, especially will retain moisture on the body and further cool the body.

A layer of addition is well conceived: A first layer breathing, like a mesh vest on the skin, is perfect. Then added a jersey, long or short, depending on temperatures and its own sensitivity. Third, one wearing a jacket may contain materials like Windstopper membrane, which will stop the cold especially brought by the winds.

There are different types of jackets to ride in any weather: On the roads of Ile cycling workouts for example, can be seen when the gel is not of the party, strenuous workout by 10, thanks the gore-tex. Finally, it can be added for precipitation, rain product, lightweight and breathability which will be an essential criterion.

We often hear there are more seasons. At around 10 degrees, half season, sometimes just pedaling half an hour is freezing since the weather conditions are changing rapidly. The solution cuffs and leggings is to consider: Easy to apply, they are removable and can – even on some leggings models – withdraw wheelchair.

While the helmet is mandatory in competition and recommended in all other cases. But sometimes it is worthwhile to decorate the hat. To better isolate the cold and rain, winter will not be disappointed rider to use a neoprene under-helmet. Insulating summer caps are not a luxury in the summer roads blazing sun.

It is often forgotten, but the rider uses his hands in his movement. There are obviously for the winter the same categories of protective textiles adapted to different temperatures. Sub silk gloves can also be equipped for cold weather. Caution also where not to stack the layers that might impede movement and blood flow.

We do not forget the summer mittens: First rubbing of the skin against the handle at the mercy of movements can cause burns and blisters. And then it is not worth repeating: in case of fall, a cyclist often instinctively put his hand first floor. The glove thus serves as primary protection against burns and scratches that may be caused.

What is the best cycling clothing?

Wearing bike clothing isn’t needed if you’re riding your bike just to have fun with the family, but we are probably not the first to admit that it can make riding comfortable, especially if you plan on going for longer rides. Plus, it is a good excuse for being “in style” as you are riding that bike. In this day and age, you can find bike clothing almost anywhere, at discount prices, however, knowing what you need may be the tough part.

Bike shorts for the summer months

If you don’t have a whole lot of money to spare on bike clothing, the only useful piece you really need would be a pair of bike shorts. Bike shorts can make riding that bike more comfortable, because of the special pad that is inside the garment.

Bike shorts have a special thick piece of padding that has been designed to cushion your bottom when you are sitting on the bike saddle. There are some pretty cool styles of padded shorts that you can choose from – some are loose-fitting shorts that look pretty cool.

Bib tights for the winter months

During the winter time, however, you may not want to wear shorts. Because it would be too cold. For those cold months, you can purchase a pair of nice bib tights. The bib tights will protect your lower back from those cold drafts. Sorry to say this, they don’t look that great but there are some times where you have to put the elegant look to the side and this just so happens to be one of those times.

A rain coat for the wet weather

Another piece of bike clothing you should have in your possession would be a rain coat – this is obviously to keep you dry if you plan on riding your bike during the wet weather. When the sun is shining and you’re going out for a bike ride, you may think it’s not going to read, but out of nowhere, it starts to downpour. Having that rain coat will definitely come in handy during those times.

A Jacket

During the winter months, you should definitely wear a jacket in order to protect you from the cold weather. There’s a lot of great cycling jackets you can choose from – some are more expensive than the others.

Gloves to protect your hands

Gloves are useful throughout the year. However, you may want to consider full fingered gloves for the winter months. You may also want to get some waterproof gloves (some brands are not waterproof, while others are).
If you don’t mind going into your bank account and spending money, there are some pretty stylish bike clothing you could purchase. Regardless, you should have a jacket, gloves, bib shorts, leggings and a rain jacket in your collection of bike clothing.

Choose bicycle clothing that will keep you comfortable

Many doctors recommend bicycling, regardless of the age, because there are so many benefits nesting behind it. As a cyclist, whether it is your hobby, for exercise or just for fun, having the right bicycle clothing can make a big difference when it comes to your comfort level. If you want to have a ride that is enjoyable each and every time, here’s a list of bicycle clothing you should consider.

Wide array of bicycle clothing to choose from

Currently on the market, you will find a wide array of clothes that have been specially designed for individuals who ride bikes. Cycling apparel, unlike most sportswear, has been designed to make the individual comfortable as they are riding their bike. Many recommend wearing specially made clothes that are designed just for your body structure. This is so that your body does not restrict muscle movement as you are cycling.

Bicycle Jerseys

There are many different bicycle jerseys you can choose from – some will cost more than others. Bicycle jerseys come in handy, because they prevent your back from being exposed when you are hunched over your bike. Some even come with pockets that you can use to keep your cell phone, maps and other stuff.

Materials that absorb the sweat

Synthetic materials, such as Lycra will help absorb the sweat. Lycra, a material that is commonly used in bicycle clothing, is known for its elasticity. It’s the brand name given to various forms of apparel and many may know it as spandex.

When shopping for jerseys

When you are shopping for jerseys, you should find something that is tight fitting. Tight fitting jerseys will increase aerodynamic. There are jerseys that have neck zippers on them – these are great for offering proper ventilation.

When shopping for bicycle shorts

When you are shopping for bicycle shorts, you need to go for something that is flexible, but at the same time, durable. To reduce cushion bumps, you may want to choose bike shorts that have padded chamois inside with a lower cut in the front.

Biking gloves and biking socks

When cycling, biking gloves and biking socks are a must. It would be best if the socks were made of polyester or polypropylene because these are great for taking away from the sweat.


There are other things, such as helmets, that will help keep you safe during your journey. There are different helmets out there, some offer good ventilation, which will help keep your head cool during the summer months.
When it comes to bicycle clothing, you cannot forget comfort – if you are not comfortable, the ride isn’t going to be as fun.

There are clothes that are specially designed for various types of cycling, such as cross country, racing and even mountain biking. Once you have your bicycle clothing, you will be able to exercise, ride and have fun and stay comfortable at the same time.

Mavic cycling wear for winter

Mavic is noted not only as an excellent manufacturer of tires, wheels and pedals, but also for the continued research and development in the apparel industry dedicated, which allows it to churn out cutting edge products and competitive (with names user friendly recall those of the most famous wheels).

The new line Ksyrium Thermo Pro, composed of jacket, tights and shoes, is a viable option for our winter outings. Mavic presented the new line of winter clothing Mavic Ksyrium Thermo Pro, composed of jacket, tights and shoes. The use of new fabric Primaloft Sport guarantees optimum comfort and grip even at very low temperatures, while providing the necessary ventilation.

If summer is the season in which the imperative for an item of clothing is to keep your body cool and dry, winter adds to whatever further complication: keep the heat without losses and pockets of moisture, but ensuring adequate ventilation. The new fabric Primaloft Sport performs all of these assignments and makes pedaling even in hot and dry climates very rigid, having an efficacy tested in a range of temperature that ranges from 8 ° C to -15 ° C.

The analysis of the behavior of the body under stress at low temperatures has allowed to identify the areas in most need of ventilation and those which need to maintain as much as possible the heat, so that the comfort is not affected: this derives from the different distribution of the fibers and of the four layers of stretch fabric, which convey the excess heat to the most appropriate escape routes.

Ksyrium Pro Thermo Jacket

Mavic in the collection, is the jacket for the Prince to face the most extreme weather conditions (cold wind, snow and ice), thanks to the Cold Ride + technology which makes use of the insulation provided by the fabric Primaloft Sport. Equipped with water repellent treatment patented, is designed to provide heat even in conditions of humidity and rain, while the stretch fabric multilayer offers a more than viable freedom of movement.

The ergonomic fleece lined collar with detachable hood allows complete isolation of body areas not exposed to the air, while three large back pockets (central one with zip) are convenient for everything you need to stay. The foam thermal lining is removable, making the jacket more adaptable to different temperatures. The attention to detail is also evident in the small hole for the passage of a headset.

The price is 250 Euros (only liner Cold Ride + is priced at 80 Euros), measures range from S to xxl. Bib-tights elastic wrap and soft, with a double-layer structure: a windproof membrane combined with a suitable fabric to retain heat even at very low temperatures.

This combination of fabrics ensures a perfect sound without giving up a comfortable fit and soft (weighs only 450 grams corroborates this). The sturdy seams are flat inside and follow the contours of the body, to reduce any irritation after hours of pedaling, while reflective details (as well as for Thermo Jacket) increase the visibility in the days less bright.

Inside, the new Ergo 3D Endurance Pro has padding progressive three different densities of foam shaped 3D. Shoes implemented mavic technology and Lycra suit to keep feet warm even at the lowest temperatures. The exterior is Goretex water resistant and breathable, so that it is not necessary any overshoe, while the tip of reinforced rubber and the second coating on the points of greater friction to guarantee a long life.

A series of reflective strips allows for better visibility in low light conditions. The technology applied to the sole provides the use of a composite material suitable to effectively transfer the power supplied by the cyclist, without which pertain dazzle or tingling problems during long rides. The lacing system by Ergo Dial helps to give a grip and precise control. Weight well below the 400 gram (per pair) for all sizes.

Tips for washing your cycling wear

When it is all said and done, at the end of the day, you will want clean cycling wear. If you are not careful, when you wash your cycling wear, you could easily ruin them. If you want to prolong the life of your clothes, there are some extra steps you should take. Today, we are going to give you some tips for washing your cycling wear.

Wash them separate – Avoid washing the whites with blacks

When you wash your cycling wear, don’t put them in the washing machine with your normal clothes and don’t toss all of the gear together. You will need to separate the whites from the darks when washing – this is to prevent them from looking dingy.

Stick with the basic detergent – Avoid the detergent with extra perfumes

We know, you’ll be tempted to use the nice smelly soap. True, there’s special soap that is specifically made for athletic clothing. However, you don’t really need to buy special soap. You can use basic detergent. We highly recommend you using detergent that is concentrated and avoiding the liquid.

Do as you would normally do – add the clothes in there, fill the washing machine with water, then mix the detergent in there. This way, the residue won’t clog up your fabrics, which have been designed to keep you cool by wicking away the moisture when you sweat. On another note, make sure you avoid using fabric softener – this is not good for your cycling wear either.

The delicate cycle – Avoid the heavy cycle

Some people choose to hand wash the delicate fabrics. For example, some may put their socks and jerseys in the washing machine but hand wash their bib shorts. However, you could put your bib shorts in the washing machine as well, but make sure you use the delicate cycle.

Using the heavy or regular settings on the washing machine will probably damage the delicate fabrics and after paying all that money for your cycling gear, you don’t want to do that. Point blank, the delicate cycle will make your gear last for a longer period of time.

Make sure you zip the gear up and turn it inside out

When you wash cycling gear, such as jerseys, that have zippers on them, make sure you zip them up. If you are washing a jersey with your shorts, for example, and the zipper isn’t zipper up, it could rip the shorts. For this reason, you may also want to turn the jerseys inside out.

We highly recommend you using these tips on washing your cycling gear. As you know, quality clothing, like you probably have, can be pretty expensive and you don’t want to do anything to lessen the lifetime on the clothing. To get your money’s worth, you need to take these precautions when you are doing your laundry.

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