What Will Be The Digital Trends Of 2020?

Every year, we wait for the digital trends. What does technology awaits? What will be the trend technologies of 2020? Here are the details.

What will happen in technologhical and online worlds?

  • Voice calls will become more frequent

Voice calls are being used in some sites. But, in 2020; we’ll encounter way more frequently. Instead of searching by words; voice calls will replace them.

  • Games will increase

Gaming industry grows rapidly recently. Even more, with e-sports; it’s been followed by masses. Some progresses will be made on gaming sector. Especially the entry of e-sports; gaming will become developed in 2020.

  • Assistant robot will provide service

You might have encountered these robots on airports. In 2020; robots will become more widespread in many places like restaurants, hotels etc. While they’re called assistant robots; they’ll make the lives of their owners easier.

How does drones will enter on our lives in 2020? What does podcasts allows for new occupations? What is expanded reality and how it will enter on our lives? What will change with 5G technology? What will change with online education? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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