What Will Happen In Smart Cities?

Will smart cities really have amazing technology? 

What is a smart city? Will smart cities have extraordinary technologies? What are the smart city technology? What technologies will we see in smart cities? Let’s read. When someone says ‘smart city’, many people think of flying cars and flying taxis. They are thought of as planets with extraordinary technologies like in cartoons. So will smart cities really have amazing technology?

What Is A Smart City?

Smart city definition is actually a new socioeconomic structure developed to eliminate problems such as increasing energy consumption, experiencing climate changes, increasing carbon emissions, and rapid increase in population growth. In such buildings, it is aimed to increase the quality of life with the data obtained using smart devices in the city. In other words, the main purpose is to offer a more comfortable life that can be lived.But let’s not forget that in this case, every step people take will be monitored by technology.

What Will Happen In Smart City Projects?

There are many examples of what will happen in smart cities. Some technologies expected to be included in smart city projects will be as:

  • Clean Energy and Enlightenment

Smart city project, which aims to save energy, has smart lamps on the streets. Thanks to the sensor in these lamps, it is aimed to illuminate the area where only you walk. So when you walk on the street, the lamps are turned on one by one with you.

  • Smart Buildings

There are smart buildings in smart cities. The energy, electricity and water consumed by the sensors in these buildings become controllable. Thus, more savings are obtained.

  • Security

There is a lot of emphasis on security in smart cities. There are many cameras in these cities to ensure security. Thanks to these cameras, it is aimed to find the criminals faster and reduce the crime rate. We can give this situation as an example of the security system implemented in China.

  • Digital Kiosks

Thanks to the digital kiosks in smart cities, you can get the necessary assistance on issues such as public transportation times, location directions, numbers to be called in case of emergency.

  • Education

The establishment of laboratories where free lessons can be given in smart cities is also within the scope of this project, and it is aimed that everyone can benefit from this opportunity.

We can give examples of projects that will take place in smart cities, such as smart garbage collection system, smart traffic, smart area parks and many other applications.

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