What Will Joe Biden Bring to New World Order?

The Joe Biden after Trump's period includes lots of changes in many ways. We will look what will Joe Biden period bring to new world order.

The Joe Biden after Trump’s period includes lots of changes in many ways. We will look what will Joe Biden period what will bring to new world order.

First topics that Joe Biden will focus are of course the economy, fight with racism and climate change. Coronovirus is another problem that one of the president’s priorities. The new president Biden age is 78 and there are lots of worries about if he has enough time to achieve all of them.

What will Biden Bring To US?

Biden will fight against racism will be one of the main priorities. After the Trump term, which has been accused lots of fight between different ethnic groups hoping to finish. He declaired they will ensure that all American citizens are offered frequent and regular free tests. Trump’s lose was the first time since 90s that a president can’t win second term. Climate change is so important too. Paris Climate Agrement will bring back to US.Travel bans to Muslim Countries will be reduced. Eviction from homes because of covid-19 will be extended. Wearing masks on Fedaral Building will be compulsary.

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How Biden Looks Technology?

Tecnology side is another issue for Biden. In Biden Trump fight  previous president has not have good relationships with tech companies. As you know all the high tech brands had been supported Biden in election period. Even all social media giants as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. banned to Trump’s accounts. So Trump couln’t comminicate long time with his voters. When we look Biden vs Trump as a research 95 percent of Silicon Valley supported Biden in the election and gave nearly $ 5 million support to  election campaign. Trump’s campaign, which has 5 percent support among Silicon Valley employees, was able to raise 239K dollars in the same period.

With Trump’s term, China-based technology companies could not built good relationships with US. Trump’s first target was Huawei, which has significantly increased its market share in recent years. TikTok became one of the 5 most popular social media applications after Huawei, that surpassed Apple in global smartphone sales, also became Trump’s another target.

Trump wanted US companies to buy TikTok’s US side, and even forced US brands such as Microsoft and Oracle to take action. The new President has not yet announced any policy fort that. Maybe the same way that he could go on. Biden also aims to invest 300 billion $ in artificial intelligence, electric vehicles and 5G technologies.

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