Which One Is Preferred: Cinema or Netflix?

As technology gets improved, new platforms entered in our lives. Actually, with those platforms, our new habits replaced the old ones. One of them is that cinema and TV watching habits. Now, we prefer to watch the movie and the content we like to watch at anywhere, anytime. So, we prefer internet to TV. Same situation exists in cinema. Cinema, one of our important habits that allows us to socialize has started to change. Because we can access to many movies from platforms like Netflix, our habit of going to cinema has started to change drastically.

Online research company DORInsight has published a report about a research of the using habits of cinema and online TV shows and film platforms. 5313 people in the socio-economic class of ABC1C2DE, that people works actively, have participated in this research. There’re some questions asked about their habits of watching TV shows or movies. Results are very interesting.

In general, despite we love to watch teevision content online, we can’t totally give up going to cinema. We try to go to cinema at least 1 time per month. We prefer to watch from our computers or our TVs when we want to watch online content. Netflix is the platform that we prefer to watch online content. Most of us pays 20-30 TL per month. Here are some interesting details.

Cinema still being preferred!

When we look at the results from this research, 76 percent of participants watches movies or TV shows online. Despite we use Netflix for this purpose, we prefer to watch new movies in the cinema. So, it shows that online broadcasting platforms can’t stop the demand for cinemas.

We go to cinemas at least once a month!

We watch recently aired movies on cinema. Accroding to results, 60 percent of participants prefers it. Rest of them prefers to watch on the internet.

When we look at the frequency of going to cinema, w ego to cinemas at least once a month. While 44 percent of participants goes to cinema once a month, 34 percent of them prefers to go to cinema more than twice per month. Of course, some people doesn’t go to cinema at all. 22 percent of participants never goes to cinema.

We mostly use Netflix!

Looks like Netflix took the lead on TV shows and movies. According to research, 71 oercent of viewers prefers Netflix. PuhuTV(36%), BluTV(22%) and Apple TV(9%) follows them.

We pay 21 to 30TLs per month for subscriptions!

If we look at the results, 35% of users prefers to pay a price cap about 21 to 30TLs per month. Of course, there are some people prefers to pay more or less than this price cap. For example, 33 percent of people pays at least 31TLs per month. 32 percent of users prefers to pay less than 20TLs per month. By taking this data as a standard, we can decide the amount we pay as an average or not.

What do you think where we prefer to watch movies and TV shows? What do we use to watch them? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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