Why Do We Want To Try Out New Technologies?

Nearly every single day, new technologies and digital platforms are entering our lives. As individuals, because of the need to live in digital age we want to know, experience and become familiarized with new technologies. According to a recent research has shown that most of use are open to new technologies and eager to try out them. Here are the details.

In a research called ‘’Turkey’s Digitalization Perception’’ conducted by Gelecekhane has displayed interesting results of habits of technologhical habits. According to research, they’re open to technologhical innovations what they think that will add value to their lives despite their worries about new technologies. Evenmore, according to research nearly all of them (94 percent) wants to try out new technologies.

How Does New Technologies Comes Into Our Lives When Which Requirments Are Met?

If we look at the results; most of our consumers find gaps about the experimentation of new technologies. A large portion of consumers (nearly 88 percent) wants to use new technologies because they think that their lives will get easier by them. More than half of the consumers (67 percent) uses them because they buy more time for them. We are eager to use new technologies when it makes our lives easier and buys us time.

According to the results by this research despite society’s concerns about digitalization, like banking to shopping or as much as from education to entertainment sectors they are open to digital innovations.

Internet banking has become one of the finest examples when it comes to making people’s lives easier and buying them time. So, in general new technologies hosts two important features what people expects from them. Thus, researches have shown that mobile activities of banking applications have taken one of the first five positions. So individuals are eager to use new technologies that makes their lives easier such as mobile banking applications.

Does Your Mobile Technology Consumption Increases?

After smartphones entered into our lives, many activities such as shopping, education, communication, having information and evenmore reading boks have become digitalized. As our country’s society have embraced them as well. When we look at the data of BTK or Board of Information and Communication Technologies, our country’s mobile penetration ratio is about 112 percent level and we can say that most of our internet connections have been made by mobile devices. Let’s tell them who doesn’t know right now: A country’s mobile penetration ratio can be found by dividing number of country’s mobile device number (sim cards) to country’s population. So this means mobile device (sim card) ownership. As you can understand from this situation this ratio in Turkey is really high with the ratio of 112 percent. To sum up, as a country mobile device ownership and our connection to internet via mobile devices increases. So we love to use social media by it’s mobile applications.

When Turkey’s mobile penetration is very high, more and more increase of connecting into internet and entering into social media via mobile devices shows that our people loves smartphones and doesn’t want to get seperated. When we look at statistics we can say nearly 77 percent of Turkey’s population have smartphones. In this situation our society is open to digital innovations in many fields such as shopping, banking, entertainment and education. Evenmore they are eager to use them if they buy them more time and makes their lives easier. Most of them are eager to try as well.

If we look at the results from researches it’s true that corporations that makes people’s lives easier and comforting concerns about new technologies will gain people’s trust. In future this type of applications have being expected to rapidly becomes and widespread and the companies which uses them are being expected to be ahead from their competitors.

As we are moblobi.com, explaining benefits of technology and digital to final consumers aka. society; recently founded services and platforms to you. Because of this we are satisfying society’s expectations from research’s data. Fort his reason you can be in touch with new technologies which makes your life easier by being in touch @moblobi.

Well which reason do you prefer to use or try out new technologies? What do you think bout our society’s perception of digitalization? Share your opinions on the comments section below.

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