Why Insurance Is Needed:6 Reasons

The importance of insurance is that it saves you from many expenses in life. In addition to livelihood, economic needs, unexpected expenses can deeply shake your budget. Therefore, you must have an assurance to lean on your back. Insurance alleviates all these problems, that is, it is your most important material accumulation in life. Depending on the policy you buy, you pay a very small part of the costs and live comfortably. We will explain why insurance is needed in this content.

There are insurances in various branches against many risks in life. Motor insurance, home insurance, private health insurance, TCIP against earthquake, traffic insurance, individual pension etc.

Insurance is not a luxury nowadays, it is a necessity. We need to take out insurance in order to take precautions against possible risks that may be encountered in all areas of life and to reduce the economic responsibilities of large risks with small premiums. In this sense, we can answer the question “Why insurance is important?” as “this is the biggest investment in your future”. With insurance, you can overcome even your most vital health problems more comfortably and easily. Therefore, insurance is an invisible protector, assurance.

The benefits of insurance are endless, but we will touch on the most basic ones. Insurance is one of the biggest investments you can make in yourself. The longer you delay this, the worse it will be for you. You don’t want to realize the importance of insurance with regret later.

1-Health Comes First

As we explain why insurance is needed, “health comes first”, but we do not take the necessary precautions for our health and neglect it. In today’s age, you should have Private Health Insurance to avoid the fear of being caught unprepared for high-cost, bad and inpatient diseases that may suddenly be encountered.

Let’s say you are going to make a trip where you will stay away from your home. Before you start your trip abroad, do not forget to take your Travel Health Insurance policy with you. Thus, with Overseas Travel Health Insurance, emergency medical aid services and treatment expenses in case of illness or accident will no longer be a problem.

2-Secure Yourself in Traffic

Traffic accidents are unfortunately a fact of life. At this point, the importance of insurance is the products that can provide you with both material and moral support in case of this reality. Compulsory Traffic Insurance, which is required by every vehicle, is very important in this regard.

Compulsory Traffic Insurance is made in order to cover the material and moral damage caused by the other party due to an accident. In this way, the material and moral burden that may occur in traffic accidents can be minimized. We remind you that it is not legal to go on the road without Traffic Insurance and we recommend that you protect yourself from the traffic monster with an insurance shield.

3-Protect Your Home

With the house becoming uninhabitable, the tenant may have to move or the landlord may be deprived of rental income. Moving and debris removal costs can also be a huge inconvenience. Housing policy makes your life easier in such cases.

Along with globalization, weather events have also taken their balance by surprise. In the middle of summer, many homes and workplaces are flooded due to the heavy rain. Not to mention hail disasters… Natural disasters such as tornadoes can also damage houses quite a lot. At this point, get Home Insurance or Workplace Insurance to take advantage of the benefits of insurance.

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4-While Guaranteeing Yourself, You Can Guarantee Those Around You

Liability insurance is a type of insurance that insures the insured, family members or employees of the insured against material and bodily damages that may arise in various cases of negligence. The scope of liability insurance, which has different types, is determined in the signed policies. The damages incurred by the persons who are entitled to compensation as a result of the negative situations for which the insured person is responsible, are paid within the limits of the policy.

With Liability Insurance, it is possible to share our liabilities with insurers as soon as the risk occurs. Liability Insurances, some of which are legally obligatory and some optional, minimize material losses. It also allows you to share your responsibilities with your insurer.

5-Personal Accident Insurance

Another reason to why insurance is needed is to insure yourself due to unexpected accident risk. The insurance you need to take out for this is Personal Accident Insurance. As an answer to the question of what does personal accident insurance cover, your insurance policy can provide coverage against unexpected accidents, as well as earthquakes, floods, landslides and terrorist events. In order to apply for the insurance service within the scope of the general conditions of personal accident insurance, it is sufficient to be between the ages of 18-60.

In simpler terms, you may fall on your head while walking on the road, you may slip and fall, your hand may be stuck in the door, and hot water may spill on you… With Personal Accident Insurance, you can overcome the troubles that may arise as a result of unexpected accidents and diseases, and prevent your financial losses in case of disability or death. We think it is a very good explanation for those who say why insurance is important.

6-If Traffic Insurance Is Insufficient, Get Motor Insurance

Motor insurance is a motor vehicle insurance. Motor Insurance ensures that the damages that may be incurred by the owner of the insurance and his vehicle are covered. Vehicle owners who have motor insurance insure themselves and their vehicles against the damages they may encounter in traffic. The purpose of motor insurance is to compensate the damages that may be incurred by the motor vehicle belonging to the owner of the insurance.

Motor insurance is not a type of insurance that is required by law. It is at the discretion of the vehicle owners whether to have insurance or not. However, considering the possible risks that may be encountered in traffic, motor insurance is of great importance thanks to the guarantees it offers for vehicles and vehicle owners.

We tried to explain why insurance is needed.

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