10 Android Applications That Will Make Your Life Easier!

What are the best android application? 10 free mobile apps that will make android phone owners' lives easier. In our news...

New android application are added to the Google Play Store every day and these mobile applications make our lives easier. But we may regret downloading some of them. So what are the best android apps? 10 free mobile apps that will make android phone owners’ lives easier… Our news…

The best Android application to make your life easier:

1- Nova Launcher

You can make changes on your home screen with Nova Launcher application. You can change screen interface from application and you can create custom icons. You can enable the dark mode feature. In this way, you can make your device black at the hours you specify.

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2- SMS Organizer

This application has been developed for those receive too many SMS. The application categorizes the incoming SMS. And it shows important messages first. This application blocks spam messages from people you don’t know.

3- Microsoft Swiftkey

This application is useful for those cannot use phone keyboard. This application makes correct predictions in the next writing, on the words you use all the time. You can find more information about the application in our writing titled “Keyboard application that prevents typos.”

4- Evernote

Evernote; It is an Android app that supports note taking in a variety of formats, including text, photos, audio, video, and more. Also, application includes the feature of accentuationing words and sentences in the text. You can fix the places you think important with  color you want. You can edit your invoices and receipts through the application and you can add different file types.

5- Alarm Clock Alarmy

This app is for those often delay the alarm. It makes them wake up by giving them tasks. There are different tasks in the application. For example, you have to shake phone 50 times for stop alarm. Or if you answer some math puzzles correctly, the alarm stops. You can adjust the difficulty level. It is the most annoying application because it wakes up from sleep; but it can be very useful for those who cannot wake up.

6- WPS Office

WPS is a free Office Suite application. So this means that; Compatible with files like Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint. It can open all of these files via the WPS application. And you can edit.

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7- WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application. For use this free application, just connect to the internet. You can make a video call and you can send different file types.

8- Send Anywhere

Usually USB sticks, cables and cloud solutions are used for share files. When two devices are running  same network, you can share files using the Send Anywhere app. You need to create a password for receive or download files. Also there is web version of application.

9- MX Player

MX video player supports video and audio file formats. This application has subtitles, editing of timeframes, fast forward and volume control gestures, zooming in and out of the video, on-screen child lock and many more features.

10- Express VPN

You can surf internet anonymously and you can protect privacy with Express VPN. Usually, VPNs reduce network speed but Express VPN offers more high Internet speed. This application is compatible with Android 8 and higher versions.

So are you using an Android device? What are installed in your device Android apps? You can share in comments.

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