10 Popular Apps For AudioBooks

10 audiobook apps for listening to books.

As books are important for imagination and creativity; audiobook app can be used for people having no time to read. Where could you find audiobooks free or paid? Lots of audio books online have been developed. And, we outlined 10 audiobook apps for listening to books.

Best 10 AudioBook Apps:



Scribd is a digital library that contains more than a million audiobooks and magazines that can be downloaded on Android and iOS. To use the app, you need to pay $9 per month after your 1-month trial ends.

Even more, sleep mode shuts down the app after a certain amount of time. Moreover, all devices can be synchronized and can be used offline.


Amazon is the owner of this company. While it can be synchronized with your Amazon account; it has more than 425K books. While it’s free trial period ends, you’ll have to pay $15 per month. If you want to cancel your Audible subscription; your books are being kept.


While you can have mostly free books; some books can be purchased within the app. While most of the books are classic literature; it can be used offline.


OverDrive is an app for e-books and audiobooks. While it’s compatible with both operating systems; to access OverDrive’s audio library, you need to subscribe and have a personal library card.

Even more, you can access the library where the book is located. After you’ve finished, you can access more books. Moreover, OverDrive has an automatic refund that allows not to take any fees.

Google Play Books

While Google Play Books is compatible with both operating systems; you can only buy the books individually. And, you don’t have any subscription.

Apple Books

You buy books from this app. Even more, they have an automatic night mode. Moreover, it’s been updated in September 2019 for audiobook access. It only works with iOS devices.

Libby By OverDrive

Libby allows users to manage more than a book. After the registry, you can be an e-book reader and access to audiobooks. Even more, they have borrowing feature. Moreover, it can be used offline.

Amazon Kindle

There are millions of books and magazines on Amazon Kindle. Even more, they have Whispercync for Voice technology to allow readers to switch from listening to reading.

Kobo Books

Kobo books have more than 5 million books. Even more, Kobo Books have night mode. You can even make your readings on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Smart Audiobook Player

Smart Audiobook player allows the speed of audio narration. They even have sleep timers on their app. Your story stops when you fall asleep and you need to shake your phone to re-start again. Even more, you can classify your books according to their situations.

Do you listen to audiobooks? Where do you listen to your audiobooks? You can share your comments.

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