15 Must-Have Apps For Android

What are the useful and popular mobile applications that should be on your Android phone. Let's read more about 15 must-have apps for Android.

The indispensables of our smartphones are of course mobile applications that we use constantly. There are thousands of applications, and choosing between these applications is very difficult for users. Here are the 15 useful and popular mobile applications that should be on your Android phone. Let’s read more about 15 must-have apps for Android.

15 Must-Have Apps For Android


We start with Whatsapp for must-have apps for Android. As it is known, there are various messaging applications in the Google Play Store. However, the most widely used application for the messaging apps category is WhatsApp. The application, which has a simple and convenient interface, allows the sharing of messages, pictures, documents, and audio. You can make video calls on WhatsApp and talk to more than one person at the same time with the help of group chats.


Recently, there has been an increase in the number and use of streaming services. Netflix is also a very popular streaming platform. With Netflix, you can access TV series, movies, various TV shows, documentaries. Moreover, the devices you can use to benefit from the service are not only televisions and computers you can also use Netflix on your phone. You can subscribe to this application by making monthly payments.


We indeed spend most of our day on our social media accounts. However, most of the time we spent on the phone, we also benefit from music applications. Spotify is one of the music and audio applications. With Spotify, you can access thousands of songs and artists, create a playlist for yourself, and also take advantage of the offline listening feature. However, to use Spotify’s features you need to subscribe to the premium version.


Pinterest is a social network where mostly visual content. Although its popularity has decreased a little recently, the application allows users to interact by sharing photos or videos. The fact that the content on Pinterest is in various fields such as fashion, recipe, furniture, and art is another feature that attracts the attention of users.

5-Google Play Books

With the acceleration of internet and phone usage, books have also moved to digital. One of the Android apps you can use to read books is Google Play Books. With this e-book application, you can reach a large library Moreover, it is possible to reach thousands of audiobooks with this application.


For Android users who love to hang out on blogs, Tumblr will be a useful app. Tumblr is a social media platform that enables users to share pictures or different types of content and interact. You can start creating your blog by becoming a free member of this platform, which you can use as your digital diary.


Among food applications, Zomato is a platform that allows users to share their experiences. With the Zomato application, you can reach restaurants in your area and have an idea about restaurants with the help of images. Also, in the application in question, users can rate restaurants and leave comments, allowing other users to see them.


Nowadays many people dream of learning new languages. Although there are various resources to learn languages, applications are often preferred. One of these apps is Duolingo. This application, which is more fun than other applications, has educational programs in 23 languages. In the application, you determine your daily working time, write your goal, and earn rewards and points. Duolingo, which has functions such as daily speaking, practice, word learning, is also free.


Instagram, which is among the most popular social media applications of recent times, continues to maintain its popularity. Users can interact with Instagram by sharing photos, videos, and stories. This ever-growing platform also enables services such as live broadcasting, messaging, and using digital filters.


YouTube is among the applications that almost all phone users cannot give up. This social network, which allows users to share and watch videos, contains content in various categories. The platform appeals to almost everyone because it contains content such as game videos, funny videos, music, series, movies, documentaries, and lecture videos. YouTube also enables people to make money by creating content.

11-VSCO Cam

With the increasing importance of visual content, photo editing applications have become popular. VSCO Cam is an application that users can use both as a camera and as a photo editing application. With the free filters available in this application, you can organize your photos and share them on your social media accounts. However, you have to pay to access more filters.


TheScore is an Android compatible app that can be used by sports lovers. With the application in question, you can follow popular sports tournaments such as NBA, NHL, and reach scores related to the matches. Moreover, you can also access news about your favorite teams and players by customizing the TheScore application.


Training applications are increasing and Runtastic is one of them. With this application, you can see how much you run and how many calories you burn while running. The Runtastic application, which is available in two different versions, paid and free, also allows users to listen to music during training and share their training information on their social media accounts.

14-Google Maps

Google Maps is an online mapping application offered by Google in 2005. This application, which is one of the most used applications in the world, is generally used for navigation. The Google Maps application provides directions to our destination and makes it easier to reach. Thanks to the advanced technology in this application, you can see avenues, streets, cities, countries. If you wish, you can take a look at our “10 Interesting Things You Can Do With Google Maps” news.

15-Google Assistant

It is known that the popularity of assistant services has increased. Google Assistant is among the services that provide assistance services. Regardless of time and place, you can ask Google Assistant a question or ask it to help you with something. With the said application, you can play music, record notes on e-notes, and create events on your calendar.

We explained 15 must-have apps for android

So, what are the apps that you like the most and that you can’t stop using your phone?

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