25 Interesting Commands You Can Give to Siri!

Which commands can you give to Siri? What are the questions? 25 interesting commands you can give to Siri? Here are the details..

What are the questions that will bring you direct answer while you are talking to Siri? 25 interesting commands you can give to Siri; here are the details.

Apple’s voice assistant Siri helps to users about anything. Users can contact with Siri by calling out “Hey Siri”. When you want to speak with Siri, you need to give commands that will lead you directly to the answer. So which commands can you give to Siri? What are the questions? Here are the details..

25 Interesting Commands You Can Give to Siri:

1- To make a call:

You can give the command “call X number”; If you want to search from FaceTime, you can say “Search X name or Y name in Facetime”. It is also possible to start your call from the speaker. For this, you can give the command “Search name / number from the speaker”.

2- To check or send an e-mail:

You can give the command; “Check my voicemail!” or “Check my voicemail from Name!”. In order to check your new incoming mail and messages, “Read my new messages / e-mail!”. To send an e-mail, you can say; “Send an e-mail to ……!” After this command, Siri will ask you for the subject of the mail you want to send. Then the message you want to convey. You can also say the entire command at the same time. You can say “send an e-mail about ……… to …… address”.

3- To check your messages:

You can say; Check my messages / e-mail!

4- To turn features on and off:

“Turn on / off Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Cellular Data, Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode or Night Pass.” You can give any of the commands.

interesting vommands you can give to siri moblobi

5- To take a selfie or photo:

“Take a selfie / photo.” You can take a selfie or a photo by using one of the commands.

6- For brightness adjustment:

“Increase / decrease brightness.” You can use commands.

7- To play, tune in and find a song you don’t know:

You can ask Siri to play music or ask it to pause, skip, play the previous song while it plays. To adjust the sound:you can command; “Mute / Unmute” while playing music! Also to find a song you do not know; Siri can listen to the song. So, you can command;  “Siri, what’s the name of this song?”

8- You can comman to open or find games and apps:

“Open the Game / App!”. You can also find by callin out the app category and name to search in the App Store.

9- To convert currency and measure:

If you determine its name and its amount, you can convert your currency. You can do meter, percentage calculations or square root calculations. You command like; ‘’Siri, How many cm means 1 meter?’’.

10- To set a timer or alarm:

You can set the timer by saying the period. To set an alarm, you can set the alarm by saying the time.

11- To learn the date and time:

You can ask a day. For example, “What day is January 13?” you might ask. Or if there is a day that you are waiting, you can ask how many days are left. It is also possible to learn the time. You can ask what time it is by saying the country or city. For example, you can command; “What time is it in London?”

12- To learn the weather:

You can ask how the weather is by saying the name of the city you are in or a country you want to learn. For example, “How is the weather in Siri Istanbul?” you might ask.

13- To find out where your friends are:

You can ask where is your friends by saying their names or ask them to find friends near you.

14- To learn the nearest places:

You can ask Siri to show you the nearest restaurants, gas stations, shopping malls. You can comman; for example, “Show the nearest shopping center!”

15- For traffic and transportation information:

You can ask traffic conditions to Siri. For example, “How is the traffic on the bridge?” You can learn how to reach your destination by bike, or by foot. You can also ask how long it takes to reach your destination.

25 interesting vommands you can give to siri moblobi

16- For your bus and flight information:

You can check your flight to Siri. You can also learn the buses on that route by saying your destination.

17- To schedule a meeting or check your meetings:

You can ask Siri to schedule a meeting by saying a day, time, and name. You can ask Siri to remind you of your meetings. Also, a command; “Check my meetings!” You can check whether you have a meeting by giving the command.

18- To learn the share price:

You can find out the stock price by saying a company you want to know.

19- For the word meaning:

By saying a word that you are looking for, you can tell it to Siri an it can describe it to you.

20- To find a podcast:

You can tell the artist you want to find out and download the podcast by saying the name.

21- To find a photo:

You can ask the dates to find the photos that belong of that date.

22- To learn the match score:

You can ask the match or team name scoresby saying its name.

23- To make search in the Internet:

Ask Siri to search something in the internet.

24- To search for something on your phone:

By saying keywords, you can ask him to find notes and emails about it.

25- To create a list:

You can say “Make a list!.

It should be noted that there is no application like Siri for all phone users. Siri is a voice assistant on Apple devices. Users can use the “hey siri” command or keep the button pressed to access Siri. So, are you ask some questions to Siri? What are your common questions? You can share in the comments.

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