3 Mobile Applications You Can Keep A Diary!

Diaries have also become digital. Which one is the best application for keeping diary? Here are the details about 3 diary applications...

Diaries have also become digital. Are they safe? Here are the details about 3 diary applications.

Every person has been eager to keep a diary at certain periods of her/his life. Also, the dream of many of us is to have locked diaries when we were little. Nowadays, the digital world has also buried the diaries in the history. Because we can keep our memories in text or visual form with diary applications installed on smartphones. So, which one is the best application for keeping diary. These applications that we can share our private life are safe? Here are the details..

3 Diary Applications that You Can Keep Your Memories

1- Diaro

Diaro is a diary application that you can keep your daily experiences and activities. You can add tags, location informations to the diaries that you keep. It also has the feature of backing up your diaries. There are 3 alternative ways to lock up you diary. You can lock up your diary as fingerprint, pin or security code. You can also acess the web site of the diary app. Beside that there is a pro model of the application. The difference is advertisements were blocked.

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2- My Life Calendar

You can add videos in your diary in My Life Calendar. You can rewatch your videos whenever you want. You can decide the theme or the tile of your diaries. You can install it for free. But for adding videos and those kind of things tou have to pay. For this you can get the premium one.

3- Daylio

We are eager to keep diary in the beginning. After for a while we stop to keep diary. Daylio reminds you to add your daily experiences. If these notifications disturbe you, you can deactivate them. You have to determine your moods in Daylio. You can add emojies if you want. With these addings, Daylio makes some statistic montly and yearly. Also you can make activity and add it to the calendar. It is free to install but there is premium one. You can also add your diaries on Google Drive. It ıs possible to backup on Google Drive. In the web site some important things was noted. Users data’s are not shared with people.

So, do you have a habit like keeping diary? Do you think that these applications are safe? You can share in the comment section.

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