5 Awesome AirPods Pro Tips

Since they are Bluetooth devices, you can use them with any computer, smartphone or even your Apple TV. Here are 5 awesome Airpods features and tips on how to use them.

Apple’s wireless AirPods provide an immersive listening experience specifically designed to use with your iPhone or iPad. Since they are Bluetooth devices, you can use them with any computer, smartphone or even your Apple TV. Here are 5 awesome airpods features and tips on how to use them.

Fit the Apple AirPods pro on the correct ear.

The Apple Airpods Pro are designed to fit in the right and left ear. In each, you will see a marking for left “L” and right “R”. It would be best if you pointed the stem downwards to fit it naturally in your ear.

Enable noise cancellation for immersive listening

They are the first Apple In-earphones that have active noise cancellation (ANC). They will remove all noise from your surroundings, and it will even optimize your audio based on your ear shape. Keep the noise cancellation on for an immersive listening experience.

5 awesome airpods pro tips moblobi

Use Spacial audio

This spatial audio feature allows you to watch a movie and listen to all the sounds based on the spatial surroundings. To turn on this feature, go to your iphone, then click settings> bluetooth. Find your AirPods pro in the list. Press the info button (i) next to Airpods pro. Then turn on spatial audio.

Switch functions seamlessly

You can switch between noise cancellation and transparency function by using your mac. In the macOS Big Sur desktop, you will see an AirPods icon on the top right. Simply hover to the this icon, then select either the noise cancellation or transparency function.

Find your AirPods fit

The AirPods case comes with two additional sizes of ear tips. If you’d like to try a different size, slide off the tip of each AirPod and insert the new one. By switching these ear tips, you will find the size that best fits you.

Some of you might be wondering: are AirPods Pro waterproof? Unfortunately, they are not. However, they are sweat and tear-resistant, so you can use them when you’re running. But steer clear from any potential accident since water may cause permanent damage to your device.

Follow these AirPods pro tips to get the most immersive listening experience.

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