5 Mobile Applications That Teach Kids Coding!

Many mobile applications have been developed worldwide for children to learn coding. 5 applications that allow children to learn coding, in our news...

There are many people who want to learn programming languages and speak the same language as computers. Especially after the prejudices against artificial intelligence technologies were broken down, everyone, big and small, started to say hello to this new world. Many parents even considered the availability of coding education when choosing a school. But children can also learn coding on their phones or tablets. What are the coding practices that teach children coding, perhaps to take the first steps towards becoming the software developer of the future? 5 applications that children can learn coding, on our news…

In today’s world, it is aimed to gain competencies such as creativity, science, mathematics, problem-solving in digital environment, by coding. Many mobile applications have been developed worldwide especially for children to learn coding. Here are 5 mobile applications that allow children to learn coding:

5 mobile applications that allow children to learn coding

1- Code.org

Code.org is an application that allows students to learn coding by closely examining computer science in schools. Coding lessons consist of educational videos with increasing levels of difficulty. Also, characters can be created on subjects that concern sports, science, culture, and art.

5 mobile applications that teach kids coding

2- Blockly Games

The Blockly Games application contains different types of content for children to learn with fun. Coding game; puzzle, training pool, pond, bird, labyrinth, movie, and many more. The game is primarily intended to be instructive and fun. Children are able to write code if they can complete the missing information.

3- Kodable

Kodable is a preferred coding application in primary schools in more than 200 countries around the world. In the application, which is similar to Google Classroom, teachers open virtual classrooms. By uploading students’ homework to this class, they are able to follow the ones who do their homework.

4- Bitsbox

Bitsbox aims to learn Javascript and HTML languages ​​by designing games with the codes it offers to children. Bitsbox teaches kids how to code by making web apps fun.

5- Scratch

Scratch contains educational apps for children of different age groups. It aims to enable children to interact with their friends by coding animations, stories, cartoons, and games. It is claimed that especially the children are aware of the projects created by others thanks to the application that improves their creativity.

Are there any other coding practices that you know about children? You can share it in the comment section.

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