6 Practical Tips for Shazam Users!

What is Shazam? How to use it? How is the song played to the Shazam app played? 6 practical features in the Shazam app, in our news...

Music takes a huge place in our lives. Perhaps there are moments when we listen to music countless times during the day. Sometimes we want to find out what a melody that sounds good to us and who sang it. Shazam is one of the popular applications where you can listen to the current song and learn its name. What is Shazam? How to use it? What features does it have? Tips, on our news …

What is Shazam?

It is possible to learn the name of the Shazam application by listening to any music that plays in your environment. The platform used to identify songs; It was founded in 1999 by Philip Inghelbrecht, Avery Wang, Chris Barton, and Dhiraj Mukherjee. Apple bought Shazam Entertainment on September 24, 2018 for $ 400 million.

6 practical tips for shazam users moblobi

How is the song played to the Shazam app played?

The Shazam application is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is not necessary to be a member to use the application. What you need to do to find a playing song through the app is quite simple. Let’s cite it step by step:

  • First, open the application.
  • Click on the Shazam button.
  • When you press the button, the application will match the sound to the database of millions of tracks. After matching; It will provide you with information such as the song title, artist, lyrics, and video.
  • The application will also suggest other popular pieces of this artist.

6 practical features in the Shazam app:

The application is not only limited to song identification. It also offers the opportunity to add the songs you like to your Spotify and/or Apple Music lists. The app, which also displays the lyrics, is compatible with Android Wear, Mac, and Apple Watch.

The application has 6 different features. These features are;

1- Trending Tracks

The app lets you know popular things in the world with real-time charts it lists. If you want to discover new tracks, you can browse the recommended music. The application can connect with Apple Music and iTunes.

2- Sharing on Social Media Platforms

You can connect your Facebook account to the application and keep tabs about songs shared by your friends. You can also share the music you discover on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network.

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3- Smartwatch Support

If you are using Android Wear or Apple Watch, you can learn the track you want with one click from your wrist. Moreover, there is an option to view your past shazams on your smartwatch.

4- Visual Recognition Aid

You can use Shazam’s visual recognition feature to purchase concert tickets for your favorite artists. Just tap the camera symbol on Shazam magazine or posters. Then the relevant details will appear on the screen.

5- Providing Feedback

Another feature of the Shazam application is that the song you shazam is kept in the song database if it cannot be found by the application. When it is updated afterward, the application notifies you of this situation. It should also be noted that if the application continues to run in the background, it may consume your battery life due to the use of GPS.

6- Shazam Encore

You can download and use the Shazam app for free. However, when you use the free version of the application, you may encounter ads from time to time. If you are uncomfortable with this situation, you can switch to Encore, the paid version of the application.

So do you use the Shazam app? What other features in the application interest you? You can share it in the comments.

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