7 Tips for Who Wants to Buy iPhone!

Which one is the best for who wants to buy an iPhone? Which iPhone models you shouldn’t buy? Practical tips, in our news...

Which iPhone models you should buy different from iPhone 12? Which of them you should avoid? 7 tips for who wants to buy IPhone previous of iPhone 12, here are the details..

There is a great interest for iPhone devices. There are many models and they have high prices and it can be complicated. So, which one is the best for who wants to buy an iPhone? Which iPhone you shouldn’t buy?

Which iPhone Models You Should Buy?

1- iPhone XR

Xr is not fast as iPhone 11 but, its a faster device than Android devices. The device with wireless charcing system which is designed with lower resolution LCD screen. It’s camera has feature that illuminates the shadowy shoots an a zoom system.

2- iPhone 11

Design side, iPhone 11 has different colours like purple and green. The camera is much more advanced and it’s processor is A13 Bionic. It shows that it is faster than other models. Also the camera can shoot low light night mode. It’s lenses are wider than other IPhone models. It has more advanced features for FaceID. It’s battery lasts about an hour when we compre with the XR. It’s current price is a little more from iPhone XR.

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3- iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro has the same processor; A13 Bionic like iPhone 11. iPhone 11 Pro also has FaceID like iPhone 11. When we compare iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro, Pro model costs much more the standart iPhone 11; reasons are it’s material, camera, and screen features. In Pro models they have extra 2X zoom telephoto lens on the back. It provides to shoot 4k high quality videos. Especially portrait mode is much more developed.

It’s body is made of stainless steel, unlike iPhone 11 which is made of aluminum.  On the front, there is an OLED screen with higher resolution beside the other models. It has a glass panel with a soft matte surface on the back. Charging system on Pro models lasts up to four hours longer than iPhone XS.

4- iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

iPhone which was released in 2017 provides using fingerprint sensor and home button instead of FaceID. With the small screen, phone can be used easily with one hand. Considering the prices of iPhone models, it’s price is slighly lower than the other.

5- iPhone XS and XS Max

This model, which is quite fast with the A12 processor, has two rear cameras and provides 2X zoom feature. Compared to XR, it’s water resistence is much more. The OLED screen’s resolution has also been improved for XS and XS Max.

6- Apple iPhone X

Compared to iPhone 11, iPhone X is slower because of it’s processor. It has been some years since it’s on sale. The OLED screen is good. It should not be preferred if it is compared with X, XS and XR.

7- iPhone 7 and lower models should be purchased?

Preferring Apple iPhone SE, iPhone 7, 6S and other older iPhone models is not be very sensible. Because of their operating system, can not accept new softwares. They can’t update themselves and get slow down so they become dead iPhones over time.

So, what is your phone’s operating system? Android or IOS? For you, which one is more useful? What ares your advice? You can share in the comments.

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