8 Fitness Apps for Sports Lovers!

Now, instead of going to the gym, many people can follow their training through exercise applications. 8 fitness app best for sports lovers, in our news…

There are many applications that can help us organize our lives. Fitness apps in the health category are among these. Now, instead of going to the gym, many people can follow their training, the calories they give, and the number of steps they take per day through exercise applications. So what are the best Fitness apps for iOS and Android devices? 8 fitness app best for sports lovers, in our news…

The 8 best fitness apps:

1- Couch to 5K

The  fitness couch app called 5K Couch guides you on when and how long you need to run to stay in shape. You can listen to tracks from your own playlist during training. You can also connect to the application via Samsung smartwatches. There is also a feature that you can use the application screen with a black screen, ie dark mode.

2- Cyclemeter Cycling Running GPS

Cyclemeter is one of the most used fitness apps by cyclists. You can create your training days and use the stopwatch in the application. In addition, the application shares the traffic situation with you on maps. Cyclemeter, which works with Android and IOS devices, also has in-app purchases.

3- iCardio Workout Tracker

One of the most used applications among sports applications is iCardio. You can follow your daily activities and see your calories and steps through the application. The application also has a GPS feature. Users can also access past exercises in the application. You can also view critical health metrics such as weight, blood pressure, resting heart rate, and sleep from the iCardio application.

4- BodySpace- Social Fitness App

BodySpace is an exercise tracker application. Tips on how to do exercises are featured in videos in this exercise diary app. In line with your exercise program, the application notifies you about what you need to do daily.

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5- Fitbit

Fitbit is one of the most well-known exercise applications. The application includes nutrition programs and many exercise suggestions. There are also songs that meditators can listen to during exercise. There are also many sleeping tools in the application. Using these tools, you can examine how much time you spend sleeping. You can try the application for free for 90 days. Premium membership is available for users who want to benefit from personal nutrition programs.

6- Fitness Point

The application contains content related to more than 230 bodyweight exercises. You can also follow your exercises on graphs. The application is free for Android and IOS users, but you need to purchase the Pro version to use the features.

7- Nike Training Club

In this application of the Nike brand, there are many exercises from the beginner level. Exercises generally take between 15-45 minutes. Exercise programs are prepared by Nike Master Trainer. Unlike other applications, the application also includes yoga exercises. In addition, the application can connect with Apple Watch devices.

8- Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

There are more than 350 exercises in the My FitnessPal application. By adding the things you eat to the application, you can calculate how many calories it corresponds to. In addition, you can get information by reading the barcodes on the food packages. Currently, the application offers information to users about more than 6000 products.

Do you exercise regularly? What are the fitness apps installed on your phone? You can share it in the comments.

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