A Mobile Application That Cultivates Reading Habits In Kids!

A mobile application was developed that helps parents and encourages children to reading habits. Tips, in our news...

Parents lead their children to educational activities that will positively affect their development from an early age. Thus, the children get an idea about the school. A mobile application was developed that helps parents in this process and encourages children to develop reading habits.

How does the mobile application develop reading habits in children?

It is very important to give children a reading habit at a young age. Maybe it is a situation that will shape their whole life and  an important element for future generations. That’s why many experts recommend reading together with your children. But while technology has taken over our lives, it is very difficult to cultivate this habit.

An application has been developed that enables children between the ages of 2 and 13 to read with different methods. In the Reading Eggs application, there are groups according to the ages of the children. The schedules for a two-year-old and a nine-year-old are not the same. Therefore, there are special programs for 5 different age groups in the reading application.

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There is also a spelling game, word puzzle, alphabet game, phonetic activities, and more than 2,000 children’s books to choose from  in this application. The lessons in the application are animated  motivating and colorful animations. It also includes funny characters and songs.

The application provides children with skills such as sensitivity to phonics, increased vocabulary, development in the perception process, correct understanding, and phonemic awareness. However, you need a wireless internet connection to run the application. The application called Reading Eggs is compatible with both Android and IOS operating systems. The application is free, but you can also make in-app purchases.

The comments of the parents who use the application are positive. 91 percent of them state that after using the application, their children spend more quality time and enjoy reading.

So what do you do to help your children develop a reading habit? Do you find applications developed for children useful? Which mobile application do you use for your child? You can share it in the comments.

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