App To Share Your Secrets!

What is the feature of this app allowing to write your own secrets on a photo? Or, what if this app uncovers your secrets?

We generally like to hide our secrets. But, we might need to release the load by letting it go. Now, an app developed to share your secrets on a photo anonymously. Here are the details…

How to use secret sharing app?

Sometimes, despite people needs to share their secrets; they can’t because of the reactions. So, an app developed to make people covered while sharing secrets named Whisper. Whisper is a social network for secret sharing.

This app contains different categories for each individual. To share a secret, you only have to write on a photo. Even more, you can share secrets on Facebook stories and like other shared secrets.

Also, this app is compatible with Apple and Android devices. But, it can be used over 13 years old and before 18; parental permission is required.

While it’s free of charge; you need to pay $5.99 for Premium messaging.

No one cares despite there’s an age limitation. To make matters worse; some secrets can make people lose their mental health. So, use caution when using these apps.

Moreover, some statements claims that Whisfer uncovers individuals.

Whisper users claims that their identities are shared on the internet. Another one is the access to user locations despite it’s not given.

Even more, this app stores secrets for a while more despite they’re deleted. Some goes as far as no secrets being deleted since 2012.

Moreover, you need to share information to have better service. But, many users might give up sharing their location with the app. If you did, you can prevent it from the settings.

Would you tell your secrets anonymously? What do you think about secret sharing app? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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