Apple Gives Rewards If You Hack Their Devices!

While Apple is one of the most reliable and one of the most used corporations, they made a bold move. Apple stated that they’ll give a reward to the person that breaks the security system of iPhone. According to shared information, 1 million dollars will be given to people hacked iPhones. Here are the details.

Who will Apple give this reward at which conditions?

While Apple is a global brand in many technological products such as phones, tables and watches, they’re claiming to give the hugest amount of reward. They will give 1 million dollars to someone who an hack iPhone. While the amount changes from 100 thousand dollars to a million, they gave 200 thousand dollars reward at maximum. While Apple broke it’s record, they’re confident about their recently produced security system.

They’ll open reward programme open for competitors to find gaps in their products on fall months. They state that they make themselves much more secure. While this reward is not limited to iPhones, it’ll include all of those devices.

They shared details at the Black Ht conference held in Vegas. While the statements have been made by the director of Apple’s security engineering director Ivan Krstci, rewards will be open for watchOS and tvOS operating systems have open to hacking searching gaps on systems.

Apple stated that they’ll give a million dollars rewards if researchers managed to hack the system and they also stated that they’ll give 500 thousand dollars if researchers made network attacks without user interaction. We hope that Apple gets out of those results undamaged.

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