Best Apple Watch Apps

If you own one of the amazing Apple watches, then you might be looking for some great applications to use on it. Without a doubt, there are thousands of amazing applications you can use with your Apple watch. However, finding the best ones for yourself can be a challenging task. This is why we wanted to compile the 4 best Apple watch applications for you in this guide. Below, you are going to find these applications and more information about them. We highly recommend checking each of these applications. We assure you that you are going to love them a lot and feel regret because you did not use them before. Here are the best Apple Watch Apps.

Water Reminder

Of course, your health should be your biggest concern in life, and you can make it better by drinking enough water during the day. Unfortunately, we all tend to forget or neglect this habit. In this regard, water reminder is one of the amazing applications that you can use in your Apple Watch.

Thanks to Water Reminder, you will never forget to drink water again even when you will be really busy during the day. This application reminds you to drink water and calculates your daily water consumption. One of the best advantages of Water Reminder is it is offered for free!


Although you can use Spotify for free, you will have to listen to ads once in four or five tracks. In addition to this, you will not be able to skip or rewind songs on a free account. However, you can create your subscription at an affordable price to enjoy all the benefits of the application and access all the music in the world.

Without a doubt, having Spotify on your Apple Watch is an amazing idea in case you often listen to music. Since your watch will be on your wrist all the time, this means that you will take your music anywhere you go!

Sleep Cycle

Unfortunately, we all have trouble sleeping or getting enough sleep during the day. Since we are half-dead during this activity, we cannot track what is going on. What if we tell you that there is a magic application that will track all your activities on your behalf while you are sleeping!

This application is called Sleep Cycle and it is offered for free! It can help you to track your sleeping so that you will always be aware of how much you need to rest during the day or the next day. In this way, you can prevent the fatigue that you often suffer.


ToDoIst is another free application that must be in your Apple watch. If you often have a busy schedule and you miss something to do during the day, this may be a great application for you. You can simply take notes, create appointments, and let the app remind you of everything.

There is no doubt that you will not miss anything important during the day anymore. In our opinion, ToDoIst is the most important app that must be in your Apple watch among these application suggestions.

We listed best Apple Watch Apps.

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