Coronavirus Location App Being Developed

What does app contains to prevent the spread of coronavirus?

We read lots of news and have information about coronavirus. And most countries takes precautions to prevent the spread of this pandemic. For example; while some countires are quarentined, some are closing their borders. Even more, they use technology to fight aginst the pandemic. Moreover, there’s an app existent to protect against coronavirus. Here are the details about how to use the app.

What does contain in this app to prevent the spread of coronavirus?

Chinese people uses mapping apps to stay away from areas infected with coronavirus. To do this, WeChat’s developer and QuantUrban mapping company have created a platform called YiKuang (Pandemic Situation).

In this platform, infected regions are added to the map. And users can learn how far are they from coronavirus pandemic zones. Consequently, they take precautions accordingly.

YiKuang or pandemic Situation named WeChat programme involves Shenzhen and Guangzhou’s northern provinces in China. QuantUrban’s browser based apps contains 9 cities of Guangdong province.

Shenzhen’s administrators from China states that seeing this map makes people emotionally comforted. They also state that new pandemics are likely to arise; but people can take precautions accordingly when recorded on the map.

Additionally, they added how virus spreaded thorough the regions. They aimed to make people take precautions accordingly.

What does skulls and bones means on this app? Which feature got changed because of human psychology? Which app is going to life for fighting against coronavirus for vehicles? Continues on the news.


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