Mobile App Developed For Washing Our Hands!

we saw that hygiene is important to contain coronavirus. Now, a mobile app can be a life-saver.

In 2020; we saw that hygiene is important to contain coronavirus. Especially when it comes to hand sanitazion. Even though we should keep our hands clean with various methods; also, we shouldn’t touch any part of our face. Now, a “Wash Your Handsmobile app can be a life-saver. Here are the details.

How to use this “Wash Your Hands” mobile app?

Maintaining our personal hygiene matters the most. Firstly, it becomes possible to keep all our hands clean. Especially fighting against pandemics.

When considering hands literally touches everywhere; while they’ve been touched by numerous people; hygiene becomes important. If we could have seen germs by naked eye; we would constantly wear gloves.

Right now, this app can be shared with you because it reminds us to wash our hands. This app’s main mission is to contain the spread of coronavirus by making people take hygienic means.

The app’s name is Wash Your Hands… This app sends notifications in certain periods of time. It also makes you remember the 20 second rule with a counter set to 20 seconds. Users are directed by this counter while washing their hands.

Which phones can use this mobile app? What are the important informations about this app? What should you pay attention if you want to use this app? Continues on the news.


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