Does Black Themes Consumes Less Battery!

Google has statred working on black themes for Android to enhance battery life.

Google has statred working on black themes for Android to enhance battery life. Because black themes makes your battery life longer than white theme. But, what does the use of black theme adds up to us? Let’s explain for you.

Google’s material design is developing and gets a different meaning. Black or dark themes got out. Now, dark theme feature appeals to all Android devices for users to protect their health and their battery.

For example of Google’s dark theme benefit; when you watch a video and stopped in at YouTube with 50% brightness, 93 mA of battery use reduced to 80 mA. It changes if the brightness is brought to 100%. So, you can make energy saving on all conditions at dark mode. When Google made comparison with Pixel3 and IPhone7; they’ve seen that IPhone7 saved up to 63& of its battery.

When there is no light, dark theme can show your phone dark. Instead, we use white theme because it’s more appealing. But, it consumes lots of battery and it might work for you if your phone can’t last up even a day.

What do you think about dark or black theme? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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